Propagandist for Jews only Israel in town ‘for Darfur’ end of month

I just got a notice from a leader and promoter of the local ‘Save Darfur’ crowd, that LA film director Mark Jonathan Harris would be in town the end of March pushing the need to intervene against Sudan and China in Africa. While the multiple civil wars in Sudan have been horribly destructive of human life and I wish for them to end like yesterday, I know where this campaign is getting its biggest push from. It is getting it from the Go-Zionism lobby that operates and flourishes in D.C., Florida, and Hollywood.

This film director, Mark Harris, has been sponsored before via The US Holocaust Museum, which is partially funded with America’s tax monies, though it principally promotes the foreign agenda of Israel. The principal angle the US Holocaust Museum is always working, is that US militarism is absolutely necessary to protect others from genocides, which of course, the US government is never supposedly responsible for. What a dubious supposition, too! But then again, what would one expect would be the main argument of an institution that is partially sponsored by our own government?

Harris is intimately tied to the US Holocaust Museum through one of his previous works (well promoted by ‘the museum’) about Jewish orphans after WW2. One will probably never get to see him doing a work about Palestinian, Afghan, or Iraqi orphans though, even if now he has a film out to supposedly educate the public about the need to ‘Save Darfur’.

Israel is trying so hard to justify their own repression against the Arab population the Jewish state has displaced and continues to displace, that the US Holocaust Museum is investing much of its funds to take public eyes off all the current Jewish and American sponsored slaughter thoughout the world. Through it’s joining and sponsoring the campaign to supposedly ‘Save Darfur’, The US Holocaust Museum hopes to justify the concept of supposedly just and humanitarian interventions coming from The Empire’s military power.

‘Genocide, Genocide, Genocide’ is what they want you to hear for the next 1,000 years, and they want you to hear it in a way that would justify next to anything Jewish Apartheid Israel might do to make itself yet larger in territory stolen away from another group of people. A US grab for Sudanese oil is nothing to them compared to their own desire to help Jewish Israel grab yet more land.

Mark Jonathan Harris and the US Holocaust Museum want to operate like stealth bombers inside the ‘Save Darfur’ push by the Israeli propaganda squad. It is important that the general American public not realize that this is part of a Zionist campaign, so The US Holocaust Museum’s front group is called Genocide Intervention Network instead. It’s a case really, of an institution sponsored by 2 governments (Israel and the US are behind the US Holocaust Museum), posing itself off as an activist coalition.

Actually, the only real thing important to Israel is to try to revitalize the idea that US government ‘humanitarian intervention’ will be needed over and over again. That is their big lie. Without it, Apartheid Jewish Israel would stand alone in the world.

Saving Darfur means less than nothing to Zionists. And neither does saving Sudan. They merely want to save Zionist Jews from world disapproval by distracting attention elsewhere. So far, they have partially succeeded, so beware new wars because of that. And yes, it’s a shame that some proPeace activists have gotten sucked into this Zionist campaign.

Racial separatism can be promoted as a supposedly humanitarian objective, but it really is not. Neither in Sudan, nor Israel/Palestine.

Sudan ultimately just cannot benefit by Europeans and Americans ‘saving it’, and then dividing it up into multiple new ‘countries’. See Iraq and Afghanistan today to get a take on what is meant by stating such. Partition under the direction of The Empire may ultimately be the fate that awaits all 3 of these widely different regions (present day Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan), unless, of course, we can stop this continual military interventionism by the US.

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