Global warming may be a good thing

To quote a co-anchor of ABC’s 20/20 on PRN’s Glen Beck Program.

I yearn to be back in school, I really do. Even if we had to suffer under misplaced authority sometimes, at least the hierarchy of children’s merits were not perverted. You said something stupid, everyone laughed. Being the class clown was not predicated on being the brightest, but you certainly weren’t asked by the teacher to lead the discussion. Class dunces were dummies and weren’t encouraged to take to the microphone during morning announcements.

I’m still a believer that people are given responsibility based on merit and aptitude. I still believe that successful business people and news anchors have to have quite a bit up there to have been promoted upward. Am I wrong? I admit a lot of commercial media product is so dumb it has to be genuine.

Which do you think it is? Is John Stossel a slow witted big ol’ goof for pondering whether global warming may be a good thing? Or does he have his eye on Exxon Mobil’s stock dividends and he’s just doing his job?

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2 Responses to Global warming may be a good thing

  1. Avatar The 13th says:

    Let’s look at journalists and mediaists as a Disney movie.

    Assuming Chomsky is Fantasia, John Stossel is the equivalent of Minnie Mouse’s secret inbred cousin, Goiter Mouse.

    I’ve liked some of Stossel’s early works for showmanship, but the thoughtwaves are only puddles for the thirsty. They may lead to greater thirst OR an attraction to mud.

    Media intelligence?? Consider the Harlequin novel. Consider buying Britney’s hair on Ebay.

    The Medium is the Quo(th the raven, nevermore). Pass the opium, Edgar, it’s the Halloween Hit Parade: Masque of the Read Death.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Eric, how long were you able listen to Glenn Beck before turning him of? I never was able to break the one minute mark with Rush Limbaugh. At least not without an antiemetic taken before hand. On Beck, I pass.

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