Moldova’s riots

What in the world is going on in Moldova, where the losers of the election just tore up some major government buildings? Might a small Trotskyist group, Popular Resistance offer some insight into the situation? They say that the ‘communist’ winners of the election are just another group of neo-liberals wanting to privatize the entire country on behalf of Western corporations.

And another commentary, this time from Moscow Times says that the riots in Moldova Underscores Failed Russian Policy as the US stages another Color Revolution.

This how the article begins…

Anti-government protests in Moldova this week unfolded in a similar manner to Western-backed uprisings that toppled governments in Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Serbia in recent years.

But what should worry the Kremlin is not the threat of a similar uprising at home but the fact that both Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin and the opposition groups turned to the West instead of Russia to mediate the conflict, analysts said Wednesday.

Because of the shortsightedness of Russian diplomacy and its failure to project its own “soft” power, the Kremlin faces the possibility of being sidelined once again in a former Soviet state that it considers to be within its realm of influence…

3 thoughts on “Moldova’s riots

  1. One EU observer says the Communists got only 35% not 50%.
    Reminds me of “election” in Saddam’s Iraq where he got 100% or the recent election in the Democratic People’s republic of Korea, i.e. North Korea.
    My grandparents were stalinists and died with that ideology in the ashbin of history to quote trotsky on martov in ’17.

  2. Whatever made you decide that People’s Resistance is a Trotskyist group? If you actually read the text on the other end of the link in your comment you’ll find no such information. I should know: I translated that text.

  3. OK, PR is not a Trotskyist group but I got ‘the idea’ that they were from some of the people who they linked to, who are definitely also into regroupements that include substantial numbers of people coming out of the Trotskyist Movement. None of that, one way or the other, means a damn thing to everybody here in Colorado Springs, USA though, where this blog is written.

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