High Maintenance Bitch

My favorite non-news story of the week cluttering up our minds with nonsense is the item about yuppies in Seattle’s north end supposedly getting irate over a sign for a porno-pet store called ‘High Maintenance Bitch‘. And if that was not bad enough, the store is developing a sideline called ‘Play With My Pussy‘.

When I lived in Seattle,the Big Thing back then was the opening of a porno bakery not too far from where this ‘pet’ store now is. Cinnamon rolls with penises and balls, and cakes with breasts. Now it would be X-rated dog biscuits, I suppose? Wonder if Frasier shops there for his dad’s dog? America is a high maintenance bitch.

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  1. Avatar jonah says:

    Porn for dogs would be redundant.

    The bitches will raise their tail for any dog (or anything else) who comes along oo ouch that last phrase hurt.

    And male dogs can’t tell the difference between Essence of Bitch in Heat and apparently Shoe Polish.

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