Huge British demo against Iraq War- ‘War, What Is It Good For?’

It happened, though today’s Gazette and yesterdays TV news didn’t mention it no doubt. One hundred thousand demonstrated in London against the Iraq War yesterday. See the demo and hear George Galloway’s speech. See and hear the song , ‘War, What Is It Good For?‘ -the special Tony Blair issue.

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3 Responses to Huge British demo against Iraq War- ‘War, What Is It Good For?’

  1. Avatar jonah says:

    I keep my ear turned to the southeast, toward Crawford… listening for that noise,

    you know, the loud popping sound when GW finally pulls his head out…

    Even his poodle is cutting out on him.

    There’s an old hillbilly saying about a Dawg. Got it straight from an Old Hillbilly too….

    If your Hound Dawg is runnin’ with his tail between his legs, try your very best to keep up with him….

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I can see why the corporate press blacked out coverage of these demonstrations in the UK (there was one in Scotland, too, though not anywhere near as big as the Feb. 24 London demo), but for the life of me, I can’t figure why commondreams and had not a word to say, also? Check out the Indymedia coverage then…

  3. Avatar jonah says:

    One thing the Brit government is concerned about, is that Scotland can and just might secede.

    They already know they have lost all of Ireland, the only thing now is the Irish counting the spoils and the debts, and figuring out how much more the Brits are going to have to pay.

    So the Scots are also rebelling, big difference between this new Highland Rising and the one the Redcoats put down 260 years ago is that now the Scots make up a huge part of the British military, and even as in the case of Blair, the government.

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