Hundreds gather to mourn Yeltsin, not more

Hundreds gather to mourn Yeltsin says the BBC. The title says it all though. Why only hundreds and not tens and hundreds of thousands? Both Yeltsin and Gorbachev are not so popular in Russia today, and it’s more because of what was actually lost rather than anything that semingly might once have been thought gained.

1 thought on “Hundreds gather to mourn Yeltsin, not more

  1. Oops! How funny! I did an edit of this post and went back and followed the link to the BBC once again. Apparently the BBC management thought, too, that their original accurate title was too enlightening to the public, so they went back and took out the number ‘hundreds’ originally in the report title, and inserted ‘thousands’ instead!

    So thin is the line between honesty in the press and dishonesty, it seems? Just a few zeros…. lol.

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