Jewish fascists

Masada2000 is a web site run by Jewish fascists living mainly here in the US. They hate Arab Muslims and they want you to hate them, too. More even more so, they hate Jews.

In short, these Jewish fascists are Jew haters. They hate Jews that are not fascists like themselves. They hate them more even than they hate Palestinians, whose property the Jewish Zionists stole.

Just like there are many in the US that want a Right Wing supposedly Christian state, there are many Jewish people that want a state for Jews first. They want a state that discriminates against others based on culture, race, and religion. That is fascism in short, since holding up one people as supposedly being superior and above all others is the basis for their nationalism. ‘Jewish’ nationalism wants walls between peoples just like ‘Christian’ nationalism does, too.

This group puts out a list of the Jews they hate the most. Check it out. They call these Jews DIRT In the opinion of Jewish fascists, other Jews that are rootless cosmopolitans are dirt.

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