Ira Rennert and Elie Wiesel, an Ugly American pair

Ira Rennert is the owner of Doe Run Corporation which is contaminator of one of the world’s most poisoned communities, La Oroya, Peru. His company is American and he is an American. La Oroya was listed once again as one of the 10 most toxic areas of the world.
Largest private residence 29 bedrooms on 100,000 sq ft Long Island

Rennert is a big buddy of Elie Wiesel, largest owner of the Holocaust business. Weisel specializes in pushing Israeli Zionist propaganda off on gullible Right Wing Americans, selling it to promote the Pentagon’s constant wars. He, too, is an ugly American like Rennert.

Here is more about this ugly American corporation, Doe Run. What could be more cruel than rich Americans giving innocent kids lead poisoning?

More about Ira Rennert, the Zionist. Maybe Rennert’s main religion is making money? How American that would be! Who cares about the kids?

When I used to live in El Paso, Texas, I used to wonder about what type of rich Americans would locate a lead smelter directly on the Border where the wind would blow the lead contamination onto major barrios just across the line in Juarez, Mexico? They were people like Ira Rennert who don’t care a damn about the people they make sick and/ or murder.

That Asarco plant in El Paso still is there but less used. Instead, the murder committed by rich Americans is now usually farther away from view from most of us living in the US. But these rich still strut amongst us playing like they are saints instead of the thugs, child abusers, and assassins they really are.

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1 Response to Ira Rennert and Elie Wiesel, an Ugly American pair

  1. Avatar Tom Kruzen says:

    So this is from the Rennert “Torah Ethics Project”site (now removed from the net). The words sound great but his actions are sorely lacking:
    “We urge initiatives and personal resolve to raise the level of moral behavior and integrity in our families, businesses, and professional lives, be it in our attitudes, in our choice of words, or in our actions. In addition, each of us ought to be constantly mindful of the imperative of Kiddush Hashem (behavior that adds luster to God’s sacred name), so as to bring honor to Jews, to Torah, and, ultimately, to God.”
    18,000 of those poisoned people in La Oroya are children. Show me where God approves of the poisoning of children!

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