The Bush family cash cow

Curriculum on castorsDespite having no experience in education, Neil Bush is the founder of a Texas-based company called Ignite! Learning, which, since 1999 has peddled strange little devices called “Curriculums on Wheels” (COWs) to schools state and nationwide.
Rather than anything bovine, COWs actually resemble bright plastic droids or office chairs gone terribly wrong. Described as “computer/projectors,” it’s not really clear what they do or how they work, and a cursory look at the company’s website does not help. (Apparently it involves swivel action.) Regardless, there are COWs for different subjects: the Math COW, the Science COW (“the ultimate classroom sidekick!”) and the Social Studies COW. No sign of a sex-ed COW. See the complete alternet article

In District 11 Colorado Springs, this sort of robotic device goes by the name ‘the success maker‘. It too, is a cash cow that is a bright ‘droid’ that doesn’t profit the kids at all, but kills them slowly with non-teaching designed to kill the brain. This crap from these corporate vampires is sick, sick, sick…. In fact, it is a form of child abuse pretending to be education reform.

Check out Neil Bush’s website and the lovely Musak he uses to push this nonsense.

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