Lenny Bruce on censorship

If you can’t say “fuck,”
you can’t say “fuck the government.”
-Lenny Bruce

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2 Responses to Lenny Bruce on censorship

  1. Avatar Michael Slivka says:

    Do you mean that same government that would run all the social welfare programs that you find so appealing?

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Michael, the government will run ‘social programs’ PERIOD. That’s why a government is organized in the first place. The government is the organization of the group, and should organize activities in the group interest.

    Your reactionary ideologues have no trouble at all with government as a general rule, as long as the government is organizing for the well-off’s benefit. You love big government then. But when the government is called on to organize on behalf of the rest of the population, you go into a hysteria, ranting about how government cannot be trusted, blah, blah, blah.. You ultimately fool only yourselves with this hypocritical double standard in regard to funding the government.

    Since you have posted here, you have yet to say one negative thing against the constant big government spending on police, jails, torture centers, and military. But when it comes to social programs that provide some semblance of social securty or that would stop business destruction of our living environment, you go into a tizzy of ridiculous paranoia warning us of how those programs would supposedly endanger any personal freedom and liberty we might have.

    In short, you are for welfare for the rich corporations under their guise of supplying us for civil defense when it entirely involves guns, bombs, and killing, but against funding for the indigent, elderly, children, and the infirm. You reactionaries are much more for big government than any of us ‘peace people’ are, and your lies and self delusions just get tiring, since they are so idiotically contrary to your actions.

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