Los Temerarios- Mexico versus Peru

When I first met my wife, she was curious to know which Mexican group I liked the most. The surprise answer (to her) was ‘Los Temerarios’. Since then, we have travelled together from Matamoros de Tamaulipas to Matamoros de Coahuila, or the city without law, as my wife once heard it called by a bus driver. And like those 2 cities of the same name, as it turns out there are also 2 groups called ‘Los Temerarios, one from Zacatecas, Mexico and the other from Huarochiri, Peru.

You decide which group is best! Select videos with music by both groups follows. You got to get really drunk in cantinas to appreciate the music of Los Temerarios de Mexico though. Best cantina music ever made IMO! Unfortunately, the 2 videos selected hardly do justice to their music. You got to be in the working side of town on a Friday or Saturday night to get the sound down just right.

Temerarios de Peru and more of their music at Go Ear

Temerarios de Mexico- Tu Ultima Cancion and Te Hice Mal.

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