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Best Presidental Quote EVER

Better than Nixon saying (as Vice President) “you won’t have Dick Nixon around anymore” Of course he lied. Later he said “I am not a crook!” Again, he perjured.

Trump was very succinct. To the point. “I’m fucked” … actually, he’s sodomized with a shovel, sideways so it would hurt more.

Police are pretty much thugs here, there, and everywhere

prisonMexico’s and the USA’s prison system is run by thugs!
Capitalism has long created and enforced a thug-like prison system. I have recently been told the experience of someone in this system and which thousands of people do too. I am also reading The Trial by Franz Kafka and  I was reminded of this experience. As I listened to this person in tears both of relief because he got out, but also because of complete fear for what happened to those not as lucky as him, I felt sorry for him because even if he was not put back in jail, he won’t be able to become anything else because of capitalism’s structure. And so here is his story and I hope that this will not be the fate of him, and that someday Mexico’s thug-jails will be gone as will the criminality produced by poverty  in an alienating system like Capitalism.

“I was at a party and two friends went to a store and stole some alcohol. They went back to the party and continued listening to loud music. The police showed up and  I tried to run. I would have gotten away but my brother was in the house and I couldn’t  leave him.

The police caught us and lined us up against a wall where they began to hit us. They hit the girl with the butt of their gun on her head and she fainted. They hit us on the shoulders, the head and the face and they kicked us and stepped on us. My brother yells as they hit him and I scream at them to let him go but they continue punching us on the face and then they put us in the car. My brother is sixteen and so he gets lucky and is only kept over night. I, however, was there for three months.

My  friend was sent to Topo Chico where they tied  him up and hit him with wooden boards. They then soaked  him and connected  him to the light where he was electrocuted.

They are tied up for three months where they lie in their own filth and some are shot in front of all the other prisoners. My friend owes the Zetas 20,000 Pesos and the police will continue to hit him until he pays the Zetas.  

Sometimes when the police shoot someone that is tied up, they offer a prisoner to take the blame in return for 20 years in prison but without being tied up in their own filth and without the daily starvation and blows.

Most of them are innocent but they get us on the street and they torture us to get money from us; which isn’t much and sometimes their parents are forced to accept the cruelty of which is bestowed upon their kids. Sometimes it’s 4,000, sometimes it’s 30,000 but if you don’t give them money, they torture you.

They get us to confess by putting us on a board and then a towel on our face which will become drenched with water and we’ll feel as if we’re drowning. We begin to get sick from the filthy cells. I have sores all over my skin and I can’t stop itching, but I almost forget it because of how happy I am to get out.

I got lucky but I’m sorry for others that don’t because they can’t afford the quota. We are all poor and we don’t receive decent educations because even the public education is expensive and so we resort to petty crime and then get caught… Sometimes, even those with money get caught.”

Mexico has thug-like prisons that are run by cops that are no better than the organized crime. In fact, the Zetas, a major cartel group, came from the Mexican police force. And by having this alienating system and prisons, it creates a circle of even more crime.  Good luck to all of the youth trapped in this unjust system that is full of corruption and which many people cannot escape.

US gov supported ‘disappearing’ people in Colombia and now runs Mexican ‘drug war’ killings out of Peterson AFB

The US currently intervenes inside Mexico by running Mexico’s ‘drug war’ out of Peterson AFB, located right here in Colorado Springs where NORTHCOM is located. What track record do the US government and military have in their bloody Made-in-the-USA ‘drug wars’ in the Americas? See Killing in The Name of… Death Squads, Murder and U.S. Corruption in Colombia.

Huge Rally protests yet another fraudulent Mexican election

The winner is declared after posting only an official 38% of the vote. A recount is done but only of half the ballots, not all of them. Much of the country utterly detests the return of the part of dictatorship back into controlling the country’s highest office. They will make their collective voices known now, even if their voices can not be made known through Mexico’s fraudulent electoral apparatus. Mexicans challenge Pena Nieto's victory in huge march ___We, in the US, face the same sort of challenges that Mexico faces. And our electoral system does not allow us to register our public discontent with the system here either.

Mega Agro-industry US style has helped destroy Mexico’s countryside and led to ‘Drug War’ battlefield deaths

US style mega- corporate agriculture has been pushed onto Mexico rural area for decades now, and as a result tens of millions upon tens of millions of Mexicans have been left destitute in areas that once flourished with small agricultural towns. The rural poverty is much more severe than what these policies led to in rural USA, which certainly also were left devastated in many cases. Where to turn to to make a living?

Well it is apparent that only drug trafficking cartels are offering much employment for rural people these days, as racist US immigration laws have put the squeeze on income from going North into the US. As the US also turns to forcing a ‘drug war’ scenario on these rural areas, tens of thousands of people are losing their lives due to Made in US economic and political policies. All this is getting played out in the Mexican elections for president once again, as the vote comes this July 1. See al jazeera- Mexican farmers feel forgotten by politicians for a brief report about the rural campaigning.

YO SOY 132 – A look at Mexico’s ‘Occupy Movement’

Just like the huge student-led uprisings in Quebec that the US media didn’t bother to cover, so too the corporate US media is not covering the rise of a new Mexican Student Movement mobilizing itself right before the Mexican presidential elections this July 1. That’s because the US government is FOR a return to national power of the PRI political party, which formed the longest running dictatorship in the world until the US forced it to share some of its power with the PAN party of Fox and Calderon. And the students in Mexico are decidedly not for this return to national office of the PRI that the corporate media in their country is cheering for.
Yesterday, the YO SOY 132 Movement held demonstrations around Mexico, with the largest being in Mexico City of 90,000 people. It was demonstrations originally in Guadalajara of this size that helped begin the formation of YO SOY 132 nationally. Here is al-Jazeera’s coverage of the new Mexican student protests: Election Protests Spark Mexico's Youth Awakening.

Javier Sicilia brings his anti-drug-war campaign to US from Mexico in August

‘Hoping against hope, I keep trying to plant a tree’ says the Mexican poet, Javier Sicilia Like Cindy Sheehan in the US, Javier Sicilia knows he’s fighting hard core militarism that wants no peace in his country, Mexico. Still he fights back! And where better to fight the Mexican drug war than in the US, where the NORTHCOM generals headquartered right here in Colorado Springs direct the mayhem Pentagon style? Mexican generals and politicians jump to D.C.’s orders.

Sicilia will bring his Peace Caravan to the US and march towards Washington because of that. Expect the US Republican Right Wingers to go absolutely berserk because they will hate the message of Peace as always. Javier Sicilia: Leading His Caravan to Washington After his son was murdered- A Mexican poet took the helm of a new movement challenging the War on Drugs

What can people in the United States do, Javier, to support the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity?

‘If the people of the United States were to take notice of what is happening, they could put pressure on the Obama administration, or whoever comes next, to change the current, absolutely failed policies. When other possibilities have been proposed, like legalizing drugs, controlling guns and attacking money laundering, the U.S. government hasn’t wanted to try them. Instead they respond to violence with more violence.’

We should mention also, that Democracy Now just recently had a great discussion with Javier Sicilia about other ways to deal with drugs than calling in the troops and Police State strategy that Obama continues to favor everywhere… See Stop the Drug War: Mexican Poet Javier Sicilia Condemns U.S. Role in Widening Drug Violence …Great to hear somebody mention that the US had an alcoholic president, George W. Bush, too! Americans need to hear the truth about these matters.

An excerpt… In his son’s memory, Sicilia created the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity to urge an end to the drug war. Sicilia is now in the United States to launch a month-long peace caravan this August after leading a similar caravan across Mexico last year.

“We are outraged, because this war has done nothing for us. It has not solved the problem,” Sicilia says.

“We need to create awareness, consciousness, that the people, the American people, know that behind every drug consumer and behind every use of guns, we pay with dead people.”

How many children are stolen from Mexican parents and kept in the US?

This case got reported but how many cases similar in nature do not get noticed by anybody at all except by the heart broken left to rot in Mexico away from their own kids? Deported to Mexico, a father hopes for custody with his three boys back in North Carolina, where foster parents want to adopt them.

Ex-Nazi Pope lectures non-Catholics about being supposedly ‘outdated’!

How Rich! The Idiot Pope is on the move once again and is denouncing violence in Mexico! Wow! Like is there anybody other than the jefes of the drug cartels saying that they support violence there? NO. That’s just how stupid the Pope always is as he babbles out his platitudes.

And about another country, the supreme dictatorial leader of a long outdated and totally discredited Catholic theology idiotically tells Cuban Marxists that it is “evident that Marxist ideology as it was conceived no longer responds to reality” and exhorts Cubans to “find new models, with patience, and in a constructive way”. Well, Big Pope Daddy, we think that it is Catholicism itself that no longer corresponds to any reality and we urge all Catholics to find new models, with patience, and in a constructive way.

What a total clown this (supposedly) ex-Nazi Pope is! It will be real hard to show any respect to a guy who spouts such drivel as Pope Ratzinger always does on his vacations from Rome. He even looks like evil incarnate!

He who is a thief should be called a thief, Carlos Slim!

Carlos Slim now sits atop the list of the world’s Mr. 1% billionaires with over $69,000,000,000 wealth taken from the Mexican people. Carlos Slim tops Forbes annual rich list …And to think that just a few years this thief prince was claiming before a judge in US court that he was being discriminated against due to the Anglo prejudice against Mexicans. The guy certainly has a lot of gall on top of his billions upon billions in dollars, stolen peso by peso from the impoverished masses of Mexico!

Plus, if the citizens of the US want to stop so-called ‘illegal immigration’, then why is this super criminal welcomed so eagerly into the US when he carries his fat cheeks our way North? Something is not quite right with our often richy rich anti- ‘illegal immigrant’ haters. Who could be more responsible for Mexican migration to the US than Carlos Slim? Why is he so welcome in the US then?

Why but Carlos is in cozy with the US Big Business class who stumble over themselves to claim that the US installed Mexican puppet regime is a ‘democracy’, all stamped approved by D.C. politicians hacks. Meanwhile, this same Pentagon and both Republican and Democratic Party Establishment ‘leaders’, are all totally behind pushing the Mexican government into the world wide bloody so-called US ‘War Against Drugs’, the US government political vehicle for overthrowing real Latin American democracy from ever being achieved, in every country of the Americas. Over 50,000 Mexicans have died in the last few years as a result of this D.C. mandated slaughter. The US has Mexican blood dripping all over its monuments and ‘Liberty’ statues these days.

$69 billions and still thieving away, ‘Slim’? …all due to being part of the ‘American way of life’, or make that DEATH. perhaps. We have a world where rich scoundrels rule over the rest of us who merely labor away for them, just like the slaves and feudal serfs of the past once did for their ruling classes. Carlos Slim heads up this world wide cabal of ruling class thieves, sitting at the top like one big fat pig. Oink oink, goes Carlos Slim.

Building Cross Border Solidarity would lead to more workers rights in both Mexico and the US

An interesting PDF report from those helping to build some Labor Solidarity between workers in Mexico and the US- Cross Border Solidarity.

Some excerpts:


In the period since the North American Free Trade Agreement has come into effect, the economies of the United States and Mexico have become more integrated than ever. Through Plan Merida and partnerships on security, the military and the drug war, the political and economic policies pursued by the U.S. and Mexican governments are more coordinated than they’ve ever been.

Working people on both sides of the border are not only affected by this integration. Workers and their unions in many ways are its object. These policies seek to maximize profits and push wages and benefits to the bottom, manage the flow of people displaced as a result, roll back rights and social benefits achieved over decades, and weaken working class movements in both countries.

All this makes cooperation and solidarity across the U.S./Mexico border more important than ever. After a quarter century in which the development of solidarity relationships was interrupted during the cold war, unions and workers are once again searching out their counterparts and finding effective and appropriate ways to support each other.

This paper is not a survey of all the efforts that have taken place, especially since the NAFTA debate restarted the solidarity process in the early 1990s. Instead, it seeks to set out some questions, and invite responses and contributions from people involved in this cross border movement. Among these questions are the following:

What is the history of cross-border solidarity? How can we discard the blinders forged by the cold war, and expand our vision of what is possible?

How is the political context changing on both sides of the border? Why is solidarity a necessary response to political and economic challenges?

One of our biggest advantages is the movement of people from Mexico to the U.S. and back. What part do migrants and the struggle for their rights play in solidarity between workers of both countries?

How can we develop new ways of reaching across the border?

The Hidden History of Mexico/U.S. Labor Solidarity

The working class movements of the U.S. and Mexico both began in the decades after the seizure of Mexican territory in the War of 1848, its incorporation into the territory of the U.S., and the unequal relationship cemented by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

After the turn of the century, cross-border solidarity became an important political movement, as Mexicans began migrating to the U.S. as railroad workers, miners and farm laborers. The Flores Magon brothers, on the run from the regime of Porfirio Diaz, began organizing what became the uprising in Cananea and the Liberal Party in the communities of railroad workers in Los Angeles, St. Louis and elsewhere north of the border.

The two were active participants in the radical socialist and anarchist movements of the day, and were associated with the Industrial Workers of the World. After the Cananea rising, J. Edgar Hoover pursued them in his first campaign of organized anti-labor and anti-left repression. The brothers were caught, tried and sent to Leavenworth Federal Prison, where Ricardo died.

Today in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, on the wall of the longshore union hall, hangs a banner dated 1906, declaring the union part of the Casa Obrera Mundial. The Casa Obrera Mundial was a Mexican group associated with the IWW, and the banner testifies to the links that existed between workers of the two countries at that time, and their internationalist outlook. Later, members of the IWW fought in the Mexican Revolution itself.

The roots of the cross-border solidarity movement are very deep, going back more than a century. They are part of the labor culture of workers and unions, and have been almost since the beginning of our two labor movements.

During the 1930s, strong cross border relationships developed between workers on both sides. In Mexico and the U.S., their challenge was the same – to organize the vast bulk of workers in the largest enterprises, especially the basic industries.

Through the presidency of Lazaro Cardenas, Mexican labor had a government that depended on a strong, albeit politically controlled, union movement. Communists and socialists organized the Confederation of Mexican Workers (CTM), and began supporting the beginnings of labor movements in other countries through the Confederation of Workers of Latin America (CTAL), headed by Vicente Lombardo Toledano.

In the U.S., the New Deal was a product of the upsurge in labor organizing led by the left, and in turn it also created a favorable environment in which many industrial workers were able to organize.

From that period to the present, the relationships between workers in the U.S. and Mexico grew closer when the left was strong, both in terms of organized political parties, but also as a set of ideas that were supported by large numbers of workers. From the beginning, the strongest relationships have existed between industrial workers – miners, railroad workers, factory workers, farm workers, longshore workers and others.

During the period of the labor upsurge of the 1930s and 40s, most solidarity activity was organized by Mexican unions in support of workers in the U.S. In part, this was due to a point of view among those unions that saw Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, especially along the border, and part of their own constituency. They sought to protect and defend the interests of people they viewed as their own paisanos.

In 1937 5000 workers marched to the bridge in Laredo during an onion strike in the Rio Grande Valley. The major working class organizations of the border states were present – the Congreso de Trabajo, the railroad union and the Mexican Communist Party. Vicente Lombardo Toledano came from Mexico City to speak.Together with grassroots unions organized by leftwing workers on the U.S. side, the groups cooperated in setting up the Asociacion de Jornaleros (the Agricultural Workers Union) in Laredo, Texas. In the following years, Mexican unions increased their organizing activity in Texas. The CTM held Conventions of Mexican Workers in Dallas in 1938, in San Antonio in 1940, and in Austin in 1941.

The program of these gatherings emphasized the fight for civil rights for Mexican Americans in the southwest. That battle goes on today in Arizona and other states. Other demands included stopping local authorities from dropping Mexicans from the relief rolls during times of high unemployment. Today immigrants, even with permanent residence visas, still can’t get most kinds of Social Security and welfare benefits.

As the CIO began to grow, Mexican unions and organizers cooperated in efforts to organize Mexican workers on the U.S. side. The CTM set up committees among Mexican workers in the southwest. After Lombardo Toledano and others established the Universidad Obrera in Mexico City, Mexicans living in the U.S. were sent for training. Emma Tenayuca, the young Communist who led the most famous strike of Mexican women of the time, the pecan strike in San Antonio, got her organizer training beforehand at the Universidad Obrera.

In U.S. copper mines 60% of the workers were Mexican or Mexican American. The Mine Mill and Smelter Workers Union, with roots in the Western Federation of Miners and the IWW, used border alliances to build union locals in mining towns. This was a logical and necessary step, since the same families worked in mines on both sides of the border. They shared a similar union history, in which the fight against the inferior Mexican wage as a central demand in both Mexican and U.S. mines, which belonged to the same companies.

On May Day in 1942 500 Mine Mill members marched with 10,000 Mexican workers in Ciudad Juarez. Humberto Silex, Mine Mill’s leading organizer, established Local 509, which became the union’s most important local. Silex addressed the rally. The following July 4, Toledano traveled from Mexico City to speak in El Paso’s Independence Day celebration.

Solidarity went beyond speeches and conventions. CTM organizers coordinated with U.S. organizers during the first strikes by Mine Mill in El Paso, especially during the key battle to organize its giant smelter. In 1946 Mine Mill struck 14 ASARCO plants to gain national bargaining. The CTM donated money, and pledged to stop Mexicans from crossing the border to break the strike.

In Los Angeles, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union established Local 26 for southern California warehouse and light manufacturing workers. The union used Mexican organizers, including Jess Armenta and Bert Corona. Corona, a leftist born in Ciudad Juarez, became local president. Later Humberto Camacho, a Mexican organizer for the United Electrical Workers, helped establish UE Local 1421.

Corona and Camacho became the two most influential leaders of the immigrant rights movement through the 1970s, not just in Los Angeles, but nationally. Their labor and solidarity activity created a base for fighting for immigrant rights. That core of activists and their militant program called for defending the rights of undocumented workers. They made the modern immigrant rights movement possible.

Corona, Camacho, and their generation of solidarity and labor activists saw that unions in both countries had a common interest. Labor, they believed, should try to raise the standard of living in both countries, and stop the use of immigrants as a vulnerable labor supply for employers.

Immigration laws in the U.S. were constantly used against strikes by Mexican workers. From 1930 to 1935, 345,839 Mexicans were deported from the U.S. As the cold war started, deportations were used to try to break this cross-border movement. The Immigration and Naturalization Service (ICE’s predecessor) arrested and tried to deport Humberto Silex. He became one of the most famous anti-deportation cases of the McCarthyite period.

Luisa Moreno, an organizer of garment workers in Los Angeles, was deported to Guatemala. Another political deportee of the cold war was Refugio Martinez, a leader of the United Packinghouse Workers in Chicago. Martinez helped build community organizations in Mexican barrios, including El Frente Popular Mexicano, the Toledano Club, and the Asociacion Nacional Mexicano Americano. Armando Davila, of the United Furniture Workers in L.A., was also deported. The government tried to deport Lucio Bernabe, a leader of the Food, Tobacco and Agricultural Workers who led organizing drives in San Jose canneries. His deportation was stopped. But Rosaura Revueltas, the Mexican movie actress, was deported after playing a role in Salt of the Earth, the movie written by blacklisted Hollywood screenwriters documenting the role of women in the strike by Mine Mill at the Empire Zinc mine.

Many of the deportations were fought by the Committee for the Protection of the Foreign Born, a leftwing immigrant rights organization based in Los Angeles. The deportation wave marked the rise of cold war hysteria. They were not isolated, but part of the context of the repression of Mexican immigrants generally. In the 1950s, at the height of the cold war, the combination of enforcement and bracero contract labor reached a peak. In 1954 1,075,168 Mexicans were deported from the U.S. And from 1956 to 1959, between 432,491 and 445,197 braceros were brought in each year.

As a political weapon, deportations were part of a general wave of repression that included firings, and even prison for leftwing and labor activists. At the same time, the labor movements on both sides were purged of leftwing leaders. In the U.S., the CIO expelled nine unions, charged with being Communist. In Mexico, independent movements like that of the railroad workers were crushed, and its leaders, also accused of being Communists, were sent to prison.

As a result, the people who had organized the solidarity movement of the 1930s and 40s were fighting just for their survival. Unions that were its base, like the miners or farm workers, were attacked and in some cases destroyed. The labor movements in both countries became more nationalistic. In U.S. a cold war labor leadership defended U.S. foreign policy goals, especially anti-communism. Anti-communism provided a common ground with the charro leadership of the CTM and other Mexican unions, who feared any independent movement challenging them from the left.

The American Institute for Free Labor Development, funded by the Central Intelligence Agency, had an office in Mexico City. But the office did not organize solidarity efforts to defend workers against U.S. corporations and the wars and interventions that supported them. Instead, U.S. labor/intelligence agents helped in the suppression, imprisonment and even murder of militant unionists throughout Latin America. When solidarity efforts began again years later, the distrust and suspicion engendered by that history took years to overcome, and in some areas still exists today.

Even during the worst times, however, there were still relationships among progressive activists and union locals. When miners went on strike in Cananea in the 1960s, a Mine Mill leader, Maclovio Barrajas, organized food and money for them from the U.S. side. When Mine Mill went on strike later, the Cananea miners reciprocated.

During the 60s, as the introduction of container technology transformed work on the waterfront, the ILWU invited Mexican longshore workers to come work in the L.A. harbor and learn to drive the cranes. Today there are still retired members of the Federation of Stevedores in Mexican Pacific coast ports who remember that experience of worker-to-worker solidarity.

Corona and Camacho, and ILWU Local 26 and UE Local 1421, supported some of the first efforts in Tijuana to organize independent unions in the maquiladoras, as the industry started to mushroom. A critical strike at Solidev and Solitron in the late 1970s was supported both by Tijuana’s left, including a network of activists on the U.S. side led by Camacho. veteran Communist Blas Manriquez, and After the repression of the student movement in Tlatelolco in 1968, and especially in the years just before the PCM became PSUM and eventually the PRD, leftwing worker activists moved from Mexico City to Los Angeles to organize what had become a huge population of Mexican workers living there. Some became organizers for the UE, and eventually other unions as well, helping to spark the city’s labor upsurge of the 1980s and 90s.

Corona helped build that same activist base through the Centro de Accion Social Autonoma (CASA). It single-mindedly fought for the rights for undocumented workers, urging workers to join unions, fighting to get unions to defend them, and organizing workers on its own when labor was unresponsive.

Today unions are often so busy just trying to survive that looking at the history of earlier solidarity efforts seems a luxury. But it is important to know that the movement for solidarity among workers and unions in the U.S. and Mexico didn’t begin with NAFTA. Those earlier efforts are an important reservoir of experience. They show that solidarity is an integral and indispensable part of the history of the labor movement in both countries.

Earlier worker activists and leaders have given unions today a rich, although little-known, store of knowledge of tactics, strategy, and above all, politics. They often paid heavily, so their contributions should not be lightly set aside or ignored.

One important conclusion of those earlier years is that solidarity has always been a two- way street. Mexican unions especially played a key role in the organization of US unions, some of which would not exist today without that early support, particularly in the southwest.

Those early efforts met success by concentrating on the key role of Mexican workers in the U.S. Today’s circumstances are different, but the migration of people is just as important to solidarity today as it was eighty years ago.

Solidarity has always been a project of the left in each country. A strong left produced a base for developing common action. It popularized political ideas that helped workers understand that internationalism was necessary to confront transnational corporations, and the governments and policies that supported them. Conversely, the cold war, nationalism, and anti- immigrant hysteria in the U.S., and repression on both sides of the border, were the tools used to break those bonds and proscribe those ideas. Today those threats are growing again. Ties between workers and unions in the U.S. and Mexico must grow stronger to defeat them.

In Conclusion

The interests of workers in the U.S. and Mexico are tied together. Millions of people are a bridge between the two countries, and their labor movements. A blacklisted worker in Cananea one year can become a miner in Arizona the next, or a janitor organizer in Los Angeles. Who knows better the human cost of repression in Mexico than a teacher from Oaxaca in 2006, or an electrical worker who lost his or her job and pension in 2009?

Raquel Medina, a Oaxacan teacher, spoke at the 2007 convention of the California Federation of Teachers. She did more than appeal for support for Section 22. She helped teachers from Fresno and Santa Maria understand why they hear so many children in their classrooms speaking Mixteco. She helped them see that the poverty in her home state, the repression of her union, the growing number of Oaxacan families in California, and the activity of those migrants in California’s union battles, are all related. She connected the dots of solidarity. Educators should go back to their schools and union meetings, she said, and show people the way the global economy functions today – how it affects ordinary people, and what they can do to change it.

The historic slogan of the ILWU (and of many unionists beyond its ranks) is “an injury to one is an injury to all.” Today, an updated version of it might say, “An attack on a union in Mexico is an attack on unions in the U.S.” Or it could say, “An attack on Mexican workers in Arizona is an attack on workers in Mexico.” Or it could say, “Organizing Mexican workers at carwashes in Los Angeles will help unions in Mexico, by increasing the power of those willing to fight for the mineros and SME.”

Abajo y a la Izquierda esta el Corazon

OCCUPY COLO. SPRINGS will be occupying the 3rd UCCS OWS symposium this Wednesday to challenge the straw man argument that Latinos are underrepresented in the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Nationwide, OWS may be white and middle class, but in the context of the outcry for global democracy, isn’t OWS a bandwagon cargo cult of the Global South?

Colorado College closes doors on public lecture about Northcom, NORAD & the War on Drugs against Mexican people

COLORADO COLLEGE- Today’s presentation by Brigadier General Daniel Hokanson, on the role of NORAD and NORTHCOM in the War on Drugs on the US-Mexico border was abruptly closed to the public, for reasons not made clear to community members who might have appeared to offer a critical reception. Was it something we said, or didn’t get to say, except through our signs held outside Worner Center? What’s wrong with NORTHCOM & PENTAGON OUT OF COLOMBIA & MEXICO? Who can argue with this arithmetic: CRIMINALIZED + MILITARIZED DRUG WAR = DEATH & TYRANNY? Although I suppose neolibs would deny DRUG WAR IS U.S. EXCUSE TO SUPPRESS REBELLION. Popular with students was: WAR ON DRUG IS AS BOGUS AS WAR ON POVERTY. We’d compare it to the so-called Global War on Terror, but at a neoliberal institution like CC, who knows how that would be interpreted. If I’d been able to ask any question at all, it would have been to the Political Science Department. Why hadn’t they invited a second speaker to offer a corresponding critique of US Latin American policy? Turnout for the talk was sparse, and the sponsoring faculty member expressed his bemusement at our diligence to protest what he thought had been scheduled under the radar. So we beat NORAD at its own game.

Border wars of the drug cartels, ours

So, on Telemundo the “Border War” rhetoric took some serious hits which I cheerlessly predict the Minutemen, Tea Party and other klan groups are going to spend a lot of time, corporate money and hot air trying to patch.

La Migra admitted that they are losing the border, contrary to what the Republican puppet Partido Accion Nacional predicted when they  sold the Socialist economy of Mexico, and the future of the people to Anglo-American Cartels.  Two decades of capitalist “reform” have left the land and water poisoned, a lab-created mutant corn displacing the native strains which have existed thousands of years before the English existed as an organized society, the price of food, fuel, medical care have skyrocketed….

They WERE subsidized by the Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) national oil company.  “Oh NO!!” scream the “Free” marketeers… “Socialism must fail, partly because we spent so much other People’s Money and Military Power (composed of Other People’s Sons) pressuring it to fail!!

So now, those fleeing the newly created Capitalist Wasteland to feed their families are forced into a system of Immigration Control led and mandated by Racist hate groups.  Who also happen to be funded by the same foaming at the mouth capitalists who ruined their homeland.  And who feed their hate filled minions on the rage of people whose lives Here were torn down by the “Capital Cartel,” who sell the most dangerous and lethal drugs know to man, and the worst of the all is Greed.

The delusion that through faithful, arduous and low-wage servitude to the Cartel, and investing those wages back, they, too, might aspire to wealth.

They sold the same line of shit to the Mexicans.  In the two decades of NAFTA privatization, Poverty has grown, hugely, in both the U.S. and Mexico.  So has “illegal” immigration, and the poisonous hatred of murderous Terrorist groups like the Minutemen.

Thus to the next area of the web of Right-Wingnut Lies.

Drug Cartels.  Here we have a people whose subsistence Crops, corn for instance, have been displaced by plantations owned by the corporate partners Accomplices of British Petroleum, Exxon-Mobile, Monsanto…  Mutant corn with genetic material from squid spliced in, to feed the chemically altered cattle, hogs and chickens, which make up the unhealthy American McDiet.

To make “High Fructose Corn Syrup” which doesn’t chemically match the equally lethal processed cane sugar, but Provides the human body the signal to store calories as fat.  And the signals to make more insulin, which is chemically geared through the two million years of normal diet to carbohydrates such as in honey.

The people of Mexico eat corn.  No, no, I mean they EAT corn.  And all the indigenous peoples from Canada to Tierra del Fuego having their dietary staples being displaced by the U.S. led McFake-food corporate McDiet.  Poisoning other nations to enable poisoning us.  John the Baptist’s diet of locust and honey was much healthier than ours.

So they run to other crops, local favorites like hemp and coca, introduced crops like opium.  What they can grow in the land not deemed suitable for the Corporate Plantation.

Incidental note: More opium and coca is produced LEGALLY for Big Pharma, Codeine (Vicodin is the most prescribed drug in America), Morphine, Dermerol, Methadone, Lidocaine, Novocain… Lidocaine is in toothache remedies (we start “coking up” when we’re infants), skin creams, sunburn lotions…

One word for Hemp is “weed” and is very apt.

Unregulated dope would put legalized dope dealers out of business, must protect capitalism at all costs.

Bring that back down, remember Monsanto and the Mutant plants?  They have the patent on the McPotato, developed for the McFat food corporations French fries.  THE most common potato in the U.S. market.  It gets weird from there.

They teamed up with R.J Reynolds and Liggett-Morris, the freakin’ biggest drug dealers in the WORLD, mon…  Sellers of the single deadliest product, very addictive and even Kills people who don’t voluntarily “partake” (like unborn children).  Add in their top shareholders own gun companies, Alcohol brewers and distillers, oil companies, Mc”Food”, the Republiklan and Tea Parties, Auto makers, mortgage bankers and other death-dealing organizations…

…and the “Right to Life” organization.

Quite the murderous lot o’ sodding gits, they are.

Monsanto was developing tobacco which would be resistant to some of their other products…  Round-up, Paraquat and Agent Orange.  Chemically they’re closer than beer is to brandy.

And they kill every plant already sprouted.

The resistant mutant could be planted and the “farmer” could still spray for weed control.

Now how much would you pay?  But wait, THERE’S MORE!!

This “Team Effort” to make cigarettes MORE deadly came less than a decade after Monsanto “settled” a lawsuit in a Reagan appointed court for less than a tenth of the med expenses of Vietnam vets who were sickened, even killed, by Agent Orange, and all who hadn’t been diagnosed yet cut completely off.  Monsanto had insisted A.O. was harmless, until the DEA ratted them out.  They were using the chemical twin, Paraquat to spray hemp crops and warned U.S. smokers that Army documents had shown that inhaling the smoke of burning A.O causes cancer of the lungs, kidneys, and liver.

So, how’s that cool, refreshing full-flavor ciggie taste right now?

Yet, their political Shock Troops in the Tea Party condemn the violence of what is really a revolution, in Mexico, especially, against their Corporate Whore-Lords.  While promoting a similar “Revolution” here in favor of maintaining the power of their Racist establishment.  

And selling the Guns to both sides.

English, language of self-enslavement

One of the best outcomes of having grown up in a Hispanic dominated culture, El Paso, Texas, having Hispanic and Mexican (from Mexico) friends and family, and speaking the language… is that I can spot and counter all the pure BULLSHIT that racist organizations like the “TeaBags” and their sponsors like Dumfox Noose tell their poorly educated followers.

One is that Hispanic people are mostly “illegal” immigrants, despite the fact that first Texas, then the U.S., picked two wars with Mexico, in a shameless land grab, using propaganda that makes the WMD story look like a Shining Example of Gospel Truth.  Makes the “incubator babies” (from Gulf Wars I) crap smell like fresh-picked roses.  Thus obtaining more than a third of Mexico the same way German acquired Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, France, Belgium, etc….  “Might Makes Right”

Or that neither recent immigrants nor families whose presence predate the Conquistadores by 10,000 years even attempt to learn the language forced onto us by the Arrogant Anglo wanna-be Emperors.  Ama yetli desda ya da ni-luk Ka, nokwo, hu-hwan a hist Tsa-lagi!!

Or that speaking our own languages even in our own homes, somehow weakens the “god-given” dominance of the Anglo “race”.  Saying your race is “English” is admitting that your people were conquered at an average rate of once every years by every other European tribe since the first time a literate culture, the Romans, did it to you and started the documentation of your subsequent really humiliating beat-downs.

Now, the ones the Anglos “conquered” and the ones they brought here in chains, outnumber the Anglos.

How strong is Your “Manifest Destiny” NOW?

P.S. The Empire which can be Subverted by the use of other Languages? You “English First” Hate-Freaks!!  HaHa.

Tea Party revolutionaries support establishment here and in Mexico

Amazing that the same hate groups who want to start an “Ass-tro turf” Corporate funded “revolution” to maintain the corporate status quo (isn’t a revolution supposed to overthrow the Establishment?) are providing the guns to both sides in the current Mexican revolution.

But only if you’re not already inured to Tea-Bag hypocrisy and lies. Perhaps they should take a good look at the pictures coming out of Mexico.  Grim shit.  

Picture your friends or neighbors chopped to pieces by those machine guns they object to even calling “assault rifles”.  The Mexican press doesn’t get all squirrelly like “our” press does.  They publish the pictures, not from any “disrespect for the dead” as 120 angry denunciations of NMT accuse us.  It’s more like “look what you DID, you bastards!!”

Since many of the Tea-Tards profess to be war veterans the ones who actually ARE already know what dead humans look like, and it makes their sheep-like chants of “call me when WE behead someone” even more putrid.

They WANT not only to SEE Americans, their neighbors and even family, chewed to pieces like that , the murderous fucks want to DO it.  And already have.  OKC, Knoxville, Arivaca, Tucson… should have been wake-up calls, but were apparently, not. 

Strangely, they believe they’ll be the only ones shooting.   Their unhinged unmanned drone Jared Laughner was taken down by two unarmed “pussy” LIBERALS.  So was Adkisson.

Take another look at those pictures, TeaBags.  Some of them had guns in THEIR hands.

Rule of law & American Exceptionalism

The extrem(ist)e lack of the first puts any claim of the latter as the very essence of arrogant falsehood. We’re told that America, and ONLY America, actually deserves to run the entire world because we’re better than them.
What’s that sound? Damn, I just heard every Right Wing Jingoist my-country-right-or-wrong, Love-it-or-leave-it, we’re-fighting-for-your-freedom-of-speech-so-you-better-shut-your-cake-hole-or-we’ll-shut-it-for-you “patriotic” TeaTard Racist closing his mind. They just snapped their minds shut simultaneously. with a deafening roar.
Consider the case of one Luis Posada Carriles
For those of our readers unfamiliar with the Castellano (Spanish) naming scheme, Carriles was his mother’s maiden name. His surname is Posada.
A terrorist paid by the U.S. Regime over decades to murder, to overthrow Democracy wherever it reared its lovely head. His CIA “handler” was one Donald Gregg, an American Coward who paid public money, without public oversight and, like fellow Terrorist George Bush Gregg was recently honored in Colorado Springs. Seems the local “conservatives” can’t get enough of Babykilling Freaks. (They’re hosting Sarah Palin later this month)

So, Colorado Springs and El Paso County show a lot of solidarity with Terrorists like Gregg, and his “asset” Posada. El Paso County Texas too, where the Republican prosecutor, in a show trial, charged this mass murdering TERRORIST with “lying to immigration officials” a charge compared to charging Hitler with Disorderly Conduct and then dropping the charges. I spent more time in the El Paso County Jail for talking back to the PIGS.
Guess if I actually were a murderer or something they would have simply welcomed me to their club. Pigs are like that.
Fellow CIA “assets” handled by Gregg and his friends Rumsfeld, George HW Bush, (before and AFTER he became President in charge of Vice and subsequently Commander in Thief) Ollie North, Richard Secord, a rogues gallery indeed…
But the “assets” list included, until they became too much of an embarrassment, Saddam Hussein, The Medellin Cartel, and Panama Puppet Manuel Noriega.

Their current assets include Nouri al Maliki, Satrap of Baghdad, Mauricio Funes, of the Satrapy El Salvador, Felipe Calderon, Puppet Dictator of Mexico, Eden Pastora, Babykilling Contra leader, Ricardo Martinelli Panamian Sock-puppet, and the list grows longer. Human rights slaughtered right along with the humans who claimed them.
Posada was just one of many, and was charged, and acquitted, in the same El Paso County Texas Kangaroo Court system which acquits cops of murder routinely, and enables the same PIGS to beat, imprison on false charges (automatic conviction in their courts on those charges) and KILL people for the crimes of talking back or wearing a brown skin.

It’s true what they say, Thieves of a Feather, Cowards Run in Packs, and the Counties of El Paso Texas and El Paso Colorado glorify, fund, and enable Terrorist BITCHES like Posada and Gregg and Bush and Palin.

Have a nice babykilling.

Right Wing running with scissors on the Accidental Missile reports.

A couple of linked together “patriot” and “minutemen” websites said “Mexicans launch missile off California coast.”
Nice racist touch, there, Bubbas!
They weren’t accusing the government of Mexico, either, just “mexicans” as in “anybody with swarthy skin and a Spanish surname/accent” This mirrors Lou Dobbs preposterous statements on the same websites and similar ones, that “mexicans” had shot his house while he wasn’t home, no witnesses, and no suspects. If they don’t know who if anybody did it, how would he know it was “mexicans”? There’s a lot of people who don’t like his racist bullshit. Cops aren’t investigating it as a shooting, just a “report”.
Then there’s the notion that Obama rigged the missile launch “accident” as part of a Socialist plot to disarm. Yeah, right.
First, O Stupid ones, Obama couldn’t pass for Socialist even compared to Republicans. Or some hippie peacenik, I mean, come the hell on, military spending and hostilities have INCREASED, which should delight the ChickenHawk squadron no end, but apparently not.
The only accurate observation they’ve made so far is that he’s darker skinned than Bush. Gee, nothing racist about that.
Then, there’s the “North Korean Submarine” angle, which would make sense, American warships have been test firing missiles in “international” waters just off the coasts of China and N. Korea, but only in a non-provocative way. If it WAS then what the Hell special right do the DumFoxer chumps have to get their knickers in a knot about some other Sovereign Nation running a missile test in international waters.

And why don’t they have their panties in a wad over Mr Bush and his demon-spawn extended family still spending blood money made when Grandpa Prescott Bush made a Faustian deal with the Nazi Regime, financing them and smuggling arms for them, even AFTER they sank the Reuben James in American Territorial waters?

Back to the non-existent Socialism, what, didn’t the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics also have a missile program? Aren’t they forgetting a few tiny details in their racist dumbass propaganda there?

How come Pottery Barn rules don’t apply to Haiti?

When Tony posted nearly three years ago (!) about how shocking conditions in Haiti had become, it was a magnet for people saying the starving kids pictures (from Medicins sans frontiers, internationally respected medical aid agency, just not so much here in America) were recycled pictures from Ethiopia 3, 2 and one decade ago.
Then when that was refuted, and before they raised that Stupid Response again, the people of Haiti were blamed for their own misfortunes. As though their LEADERS had actually been empowered by popular vote instead of installed, against the expressed will of the People, by and for the profit of American Corporate Hegemony. Alternating with French Hegemony until the AmeriCorp bought out the French.
We broke it, we supposedly bought it, right? That’s the one of the irRationale for staying in Iraq and Afghanistan.
(rationale is both plural and single, I checked, you didn’t, kiss off) Of course, it’s not the American Corporations who are Paying the bills “we” ran up by breaking all the pottery, although they seem to be getting quite a lot of public funding to manipulate the Public Army and the Public intelligence community and the public “rebuilding” campaign, which mostly consists of taking very expensive videos and photographs of Other People moving the shards around.
Much the same way they’re paid to watch and take pictures while other people bury the Dead “shards” in Haiti. Through public funding for their private “efforts”.

Some have seen fit to criticize my frequent use of Capitalization and italics and bold type and ComBinatiOns Of tHem but some people need a little help finding juicy nuggets amidst the kibble. Both are Nourishing Mind Food but the juicy bits are more fun. Sometimes.

Some of the people have difficulty seeing, which is a condition with which I can easily relate. Others are just kind of inured to reading and hearing Bullshit from the likes of Glenn Beck and need a little help finding emphasis in NORMAL thoughts. It’s not that Glenn Beck is mentally defective, it’s what he’s paid to say, in the Corporate anticipation of the Audience being mentally defective.

In a way, though, the situation in Ethiopia and Haiti is the same case, revisited. “Conservative” (their own code word for Racist Right Wing Extremists) Pundits insist that black people are incapable of governing themselves so it’s up to the Great White Father in Washington to guide and assist and let’s face it, outright Rule Over the poor little darkie savages.

But Ethiopia has for several occasions been the richest nation on earth and in cumulative time they managed to do it for longer than the Americas have actually experienced European Rule. Intermittently because the times Ethiopia has been devastatingly poor have been periods of colonial rule. Like the Romans exacting tribute from them, and in the past couple of centuries European and European-American Corporate Rule turning Their nation into Our plantation. Same with Haiti. When the U.S. went to war with Hawaii and deposed their “tyrannical” native government for the crime of taxing American Corporations who “just wanted to bring the glory of Civilization to the Native Darkies” in 1893, and the quickly ensuing War of Conquest based on a fake Terrorist Incident errr… “anti-Imperial war with Spain” at least the Natives of Puerto Rico and Hawaii were eventually given citizenship. Now the government is reneging on the Puerto Rican citizens, all P.R. Citizens now have to exchange their Puerto Rican birth certificates for “valid” ones. What do you want to bet the Tea-Bags and their other Klan Related groups like the Minutemen will be demanding the same of Hawaiian birth certificates? It’s not that they’re “RACIST” in any way, it’s just that Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs and Sarah Palin and the other Right Wing Extremist FREAKS have “proven” that darker skinned people are naturally terrorists.

With Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Colombia, las islas filipinas, Ethiopia and other Corporate Plantations with Puppet Regimes masqueraded as “Sovereign” nations, there was no such pretense of offering them full citizenship or even limited citizenship rights.

The Corporate Regime Broke It, so they “bought” it, but they have figured out ways not to actually have to PAY for what they “bought”.

BP Says “top-kill” worked, but drilling wells right next to it

Supposedly to ease the pressure. How about THIS supposition instead. BP trashed the ocean very thoroughly, the bottom-up killoff of marine life is in progress, the species that are being more than merely decimated provide the food for every other life form. There’s an investigation supposedly happening in the area of the well collapse. An investigation BP has stalled for months by “fumbling” around “trying” to stop the oil. Knowing full well that in doing so they were stomping all around the Crime Scene. Which is what it IS. Even cutting out the obvious crime of destroying what looks like the damn how to put this? OK so I’ll put it where a Far Right Profit-is-God Money Worshiper like Rush Limbaugh can understand. Economic crime in the theft of Trillions.

Put a dollar value on what’s going to happen to just the Seafood Industry. The fisheries are trashed and going to get worse. Rush was on the air just before the non-enforcement of existing regulations and cutting even those down to where they wouldn’t make a difference… WHINING that regulations to protect some of the species that form the web of life in the sea would limit “Sport Fishing”. And screaming like the bitch that he is about how “all those poor Fishing Boat outiftters and Fishing Tour providers were going to be losing money”.

Where’s the concern for them NOW, on the far right? And that’s just one small facet of fisheries management. The corals, not pretty rocks on the bottom but the living coral, the organisms that build the reefs. Endangered by a shrimping practice that was destroying the reefs, killing the living coral, and in a chain reaction, was killing off the shrimp. Not So? Read on…

One of the processes was to promote the growth of organisms that the coral normally feed on.

Some of which are to shrimp what anthrax is to humans. And of course the whole food web.

Maybe food web is too complex for a Right Wing so-called “mind” to fathom.<<nautical joke.

So we go with their more familiar linear Food Chain. Which goes straight up, never sideways and of course, never down. The part of the "bottom" supposedly magically regenerates itself, and placing one species on the "top" is kind of chauvinistic.

Which affected every other aspect of the food linear "chain" including the Sport Fishermen that Rush boo-hooed about so much. Oh, that's right, it's Glenn Beck who does the fake crying.

The process is just beginning, the vast majority of the oil is still in the water, combined with chemical dispersants… which are Toxic. Hidden away where most people won't see it.

Trillions of dollars later they'll see it.

And of course, in the Right wing so-called "mind" nothing that happens in the sea could ever possibly have any effect on the Food Chain web of life on land.

According to their screed, events on LAND don't affect life on land.

Just ask the bees, bats and frogs before they all go extinct. You'd get a more intelligent conversation talking to a frog than talking to a Right Winger anyway.

So, BP is destroying evidence, even if it were unintentional they would still know about it. Keeping REAL investigators, those who aren't directly employed by the company and thus sworn in advance to not find any evidence that would harm the Company, away from the crime scene for months.

Leaving aside the economic Massacre that WILL cost Human Lives, there's also the 11 crewmen on the rig that the company admits died. BP and Massey Energy and Exxon Mobil and Halliburton and all of their assorted nasty little accomplices in the destruction of the world don't give a DAMN about human life any more than they do about the frogs, bats, bees, shrimp or coral.

They don't give a damn about people who DON'T work for them, and they don't give a damn about people who DO work for them either.

And, after hiding all the evidence "unintentionally" or "unavoidably" they now get rewarded for their Crimes with TWO wells where they only had the ONE contracted. The "relief" well is the "First" relief well, which means that there's going to be a Second.

And it's all a measure of safety, never you worry your pretty little heads, let the Grown Ups make the decisions even though they consistently made really STUPID decisions that will end up costing the whole of humanity more than we, the whole of humanity, can afford.

Meanwhile Rush Limbaugh says Obama is trying to "break the back" of BP instead of consistently pussing out on enforcing the rights of the People to not be killed by BP.


Panama Banana say that three times real fast…

But there was a strike against the Government run Banana Industry which unlike the traditional “Banana Republic” isn’t a government owned by the Banana Industry. Close enough though, they’re bought and Paid (on long credit terms) for by American Fat-Cats who believed and their descendants still do that their money and American (not Rich) soldiers providing the Assassinations necessary to maintain that money entitles them to own the whole world. Especially those nations physically closest to our Arbitrarily assigned borders.
By the way, Corporate Warfare and Corporate Welfare are two of the key components of Fascism.
The government forces attempted to take the Union leaders prisoner, and killed two union members and wounded 120 others (by Government count) three of whom are in hospitals in comas. And under arrest. Probably for violently attacking a Police Billy Club or Gun Muzzle with their foreheads. Repeatedly throwing their heads under the stomping Jack-boots of the Police even after being handcuffed. The workers, Indigenous people mostly, (that’s code for “held in perpetual povertyslavery on the basis of Race” by the way) responded by taking 4 of the cops prisoner. Only the Right Wing code for that is “hostages”. One of the causes of the strike was the Puppet Government of Panama (guess which American Corporate Government holds the puppet strings) trying, of course not on American orders, that would be silly to contemplate… passed laws forbidding Union Activity especially strikes.

The government “graciously” suspended enforcement of the law, temporarily until they can find some way to get enough American gunboats and Marines into the country to put the Union down for good errr… I mean, find some way to Legally enforce it.

Panama wasn’t the Original “Banana Republic”, although it follows the model, have U.S. Corporations, backed by the Military, which they’ve exempted themselves from paying the bills thereof, incite a “revolution” in the country which doesn’t have strong laws to force the people to surrender their lands, resources, freedoms and especially their labor to the corporate Overlords. The “revolutionaries” run into resistance from the non-cooperative government, then call for the United States government to send soldiers to come and rescue them. It’s how the Republic of Texas was formed. How the U.S. took over Hawaii. Puerto Rico. Panama. Iraq….
How we got a third of the land area of the Republic of Mexico after our Former Puppet General Antonio Jose y Maria Lopez de Santa Ana didn’t provide quite the level of cooperation they had expected.

Why Panama was re-taken from the Former Puppet Dictator Manuel Noriega refused to cooperate with the Reagan-Bu’ush Regime, in yet another arranged Coup. Panama was taken from the Republic of Colombia in the exact same manner because Colombia was leaning toward allowing a French firm to build the Canal (which was going to be built regardless)

Noriega helped finance the Banana Republic attempted coup in Nicaragua allegedly by being a go-between for Oliver North and the Medellin cocaine growing and marketing industry. The part about the North connection is “erased” in the American Memory Hole OR WAS IT?

The original “Banana Republic” was Honduras. Honduras which has ONCE MORE been taken down in a Coup against a populist “dictator” who made the horrendously Anti-American decision that the labor and resources of the Nation of Honduras belongs to the PEOPLE of Honduras, and not to the American Corporate Overlords. The true and exact reason the U.S. government condemns the nations of Cuba and Venezuela as “rogue states” because they actually stand for the national interests of THEIR OWN nations rather than the Corporate Owners of the United States.

And anybody who resists Corporate Fascism anywhere in the world is declared under the still-in-effect Bu’ush Regime directives like the so-called “Patriot” act to be a Terrorist.

A year later, Briseña Flores still dead, Minutemen still unpunished.

That would include the three trigger pullers, and also their accomplices, including their Fellow Travellers in the Ku Klux Klan, the American National Socialist White Person’s Party, the Tea Party and the Republican Party. The listed groups have common leadership and even at the Astroturf Roots level, common members. This RACIST murder of two Americans, one of them a CHILD of 9 years, is being denied as such, by the Tea Party and their ilk… but it’s THEIR racism that enables murders and other hate crimes. The Hate Speech of the Republican and Tea Party spokesPukes at Fox News. One of their highly paid liars actually ran for Vice President recently.
To celebrate the anniversary of the event, albeit a week and a half late, Racist Border Patrol THUGS murdered a teenager in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, firing from the “American” side of the border.

Of course the Murdering Thug PIGS will get away with it, they ALWAYS do. Too many Pigloving Sucks on juries in America.
The Policeman is always right, even Pretend Police like the Cowards in the Minuteman Movement.

John McCain, senator from Arizona, allegedly not a racist, (just ask him, he’ll tell you) has completely failed to step up and challenge the New Klan activities. He hosted some of the Fox News Hatemongers at a campaign rally in Phoenix recently, where one of them, the one who ran for Vice President, told the Cheering Mob of Morons that they shouldn’t “sit down or shut up” even while having the PIGS remove anybody who both opposed her, and didn’t sit down or shut up.

Fox can now re-add climate change denial to their Daily Spews

BP of course. “Show me the oil” “Oil? What Oil?” (though the Republican governors of the Gulf states are shitting white about what’s happening, their anointed mouthpieces at Fox still insist on downplaying it). But to the Nonexistent eco-disaster of the poisoning of the ocean (and a third of the waters of the world were turned to blood and all that lived within the sea died) (Did somebody ask for a religious perspective? No? Got one anyway didn’t we.) We get to add the Nonexistent Climate Change that the Fox Propagandists loudly denounced especially this winter) is going to Not Produce twice as many named tropical storms and 75% more hurricanes this year than normal. In Fox-speak, this was Not Announced this morning by NOAA, who were set up and funded through such Liberal institutions as the Military and the Shipping Industry. Oh, and for a big bonus, these non-existent hurricanes won’t be in the Gulf where the Other non-existent hurricanes never were either. This of course won’t affect the non-existent environmental rescue operations that aren’t going on all along the Gulf coast. Did somebody say “Katrina”?

I don’t even want to hear what Hume or Limbaugh or Palin or O’Reilly or the rest of the Professional Liars at Fox have to say. I used the word “Propaganda” although that’s not entirely accurate.

Propaganda is a Church (RCC) term that’s Latin for planting seeds.
They’re not exactly planting. They’re spreading the fertilizer. That’s a more graphic and fitting analogy anyway.

But they’re good at it. Other people have to travel all the way to Egypt to swim in De Nile.