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I want to hear Tania sing so move over, Luciano Pavarotti

From Peru comes a great new artist, young Tania! She may well be the best vocalist in the world? You judge… NIÑA PERUANA CANTA COMO LOS DIOSES. And now, the same singer, Tania Cirilo, just 3-4 years earlier. Check it … Continue reading

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Newmont Mining- Denver’s major menace to world’s fresh water supply

Andean people protest against Newmont Mining’s Conga gold project during a march near the Cortada lagoon at Peru’s region of Cajamarca, November 24, 2011. Protests have continued including a national march for clean Water in Peru during February 2012. Newmont … Continue reading

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How come Pottery Barn rules don’t apply to Haiti?

When Tony posted nearly three years ago (!) about how shocking conditions in Haiti had become, it was a magnet for people saying the starving kids pictures (from Medicins sans frontiers, internationally respected medical aid agency, just not so much … Continue reading

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Top 10 secret armies of the CIA

Found this on the web, will try to retrace provenance, worth a read: The United States have a well known history of providing military support to countries in need. But from time to time, the US Government has provided secret … Continue reading

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Top 10 Westerns, if you ask the French

  Are you a fan of the American Western? How do you think your taste might match a survey of French film critics? Though we mock their high regard for Jerry Lewis, let’s allow that France has a film history … Continue reading

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SFSG special forces have no use for armor

Three British paratroopers died Friday when their Jackal High Mobility Truck exploded over an IED in Afghanistan.   Fortunately Supacat UK, manufacturer of the Jackal HMT400 4X4, supplies an exploded view for our safer perusal. To complement the MWMIK, or … Continue reading

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Peru police shoot indigenous protestors

Peru’s military has opened fire on indigenous activists who were blocking further Amazon mining, helicopters have been seen dumping charred bodies into the river to cover-up the death toll. Contact the Peruvian embassy – solidarity actions are planned June 11 … Continue reading

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Peru convicts Fujimori for war crimes even as Sri Lanka slaughters thousands in a similar counter insurgency war against its citizens

The world once sat by and allowed the United States and its Peruvian puppet, Alberto Fujimori to slaughter off tens of thousands of its indigenous citizens. The excuse was that Sendero Luminoso, the oppositional group, was not a nice enough … Continue reading

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The Red-listed fishy

Greenpeace is urging consumers to check whether their grocery stores are carrying red-listed seafood. These are species from fisheries endangered by depletion and susceptible to pirate fishing. Greenpeace’s idea? Report your grocer for stocking contraband. Try as you might to … Continue reading

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Current slaughter in Sri Lanka is part of the spread of war into the greater region

The struggle for justice for the Tamil community in both India and Sri Lanka has taken place for many long decades and at a great loss of live, and like the struggle for justice in Kashmir, has seen the entire … Continue reading

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NMT coverage of DNC 2008 protests

At right is R68’s CMYK guide to DNC protests, STORM IN THE CITY, colored mischievously enough to read STORM’N.   Below is a guide to the NotMyTribe posts on the Denver DNC. We covered preparations, betrayals, security, the Saturday training, … Continue reading

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Military fiction, publishing as product takes us further downhill to total cultural illiteracy

When Americans step inside the big chain publishers’ bookstores, Barnes and Noble and Borders, they are almost always under the delusion that they are inside real bookstores containing real books. Nothing could be farther from the truth though. We instead … Continue reading

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The Conservative Motto: Greed is Good, Greed is God!

The trouble with optimism. I especially love the first quote, by Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon, who made billions off the Great Depression. War with Spain? Palestinians file war crimes charges against Israel. Probably moot, as both US presidential candidates would … Continue reading

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Is John McCain a zombie?

Hypocrite John McCain, who thinks “Social Security is a disgrace,” received $23,157 last year from it. His total income for the year was $405,409, and his wife’s was in the tens of millions. The McCain campaign, which has been complaining … Continue reading

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McCain’s Colombian photo op

While Obama was in Colorado Springs conservatively trying to do nothing that would upset anybody, McCain took the Right Wing offensive on tour to Colombia, where the US and Colombian governments set up his press photo op moment for him. … Continue reading

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Unearthing the 70,000 Peruvians killed by the US counterinsurgency

Americans don’t like to look at their bloody history, their bloody leaders, their bloody genocides. In fact, many liberals think it their calling to ask for even more bloody military interventions, all in the name of our supposed national goodness. … Continue reading

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List of top privately held US companies

The shift of businesses into private ownership represents the eroding stake which common Americans have in the Capitalist system. Stock holdings in most public corporations are predominantly in wealthy hands, but private corporations drop even the pretense of serving the … Continue reading

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The Genetic Purity Kennel Club

The 132nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show aired this week, much to my excitement and sheer delight. Broadcast from Madison Square Garden, the competition is the height of absurdity, but plenty of hilarious fun. In case you’ve never watched, dozens … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney accidentally shoots Peru with shotgun

Innocent gaffe, or an insanely ignorant Vice President of the United States? You be the judge here? The people of Peru deserve better says Dick Cheney in a recent speech in Dallas about Hugo Chavez. Luckily he didn’t have his … Continue reading

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Ira Rennert and Elie Wiesel, an Ugly American pair

Ira Rennert is the owner of Doe Run Corporation which is contaminator of one of the world’s most poisoned communities, La Oroya, Peru. His company is American and he is an American. La Oroya was listed once again as one … Continue reading

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Sartorial Elegance

Who can resist a Peruvian man exhibiting a sense of personal style and a proficiency with the pan flute? Not me. At least not at that moment.

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Mystical Machu Picchu

I’ve seen it in books, but it’s hard to describe how I felt when I actually saw it. Mists swirling around, emerald green grass, orchids overgrowing the Inka Trail, alpacas standing in our way. Mostly I felt a surreal connection … Continue reading

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Los Temerarios- Mexico versus Peru

When I first met my wife, she was curious to know which Mexican group I liked the most. The surprise answer (to her) was ‘Los Temerarios’. Since then, we have travelled together from Matamoros de Tamaulipas to Matamoros de Coahuila, … Continue reading

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Inka Trail

A certain recalcitrant blogger had a fun adventure recently in Peru….If she can find someone to help her learn Photoshop she will post some of her pictures and attempt to give insight into the land of the Inka. Peru is … Continue reading

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America’s rolling invasion of Somalia

The US invasion and occupation of Somalia is like that of Haiti, nobody is paying much attention. And like the current occupation of Haiti, it ‘rolls’. What do I mean by describing this as a ‘rolling invasion’, for it is … Continue reading

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