Mystical Machu Picchu

peru-machu-picchu.jpgI’ve seen it in books, but it’s hard to describe how I felt when I actually saw it. Mists swirling around, emerald green grass, orchids overgrowing the Inka Trail, alpacas standing in our way. Mostly I felt a surreal connection to an ancient culture, sophisticated, brilliant, visionary and REAL. My friend and I stood there quietly for a long time, chewing our coca leaves, taking it all in. Our guide sat quietly as well. Sometimes words truly don’t suffice.
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2 thoughts on “Mystical Machu Picchu

  1. It does look beautiful. I have always wanted to especially travel to Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. It doesn’t look like I will be able to make it in this life, though.

    I would like to at least make it back to Mesa Verde though. It was absolutely beautiful the one time I visited there, with the lightening and thunder in the canyons being actually below me at the time! It was spectacular!

  2. Tony….of course it is pretty expensive to fly to Peru. But once we got there, everything was very reasonable. We stayed 4 nights in an adorable hotel for $120 total. Traveled by overnight bus to many places for a few dollars. And I have heard that Bolivia and Ecuador are much the same.

    I really do think Peru was the trip of a lifetime….so many different sights and cultures. Geography going from coastal waters to the high Andes to Lake Titicaca.

    Don’t give up hope just yet!

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