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S. Africa wipes Apartheid from the map

A unique subtext of the pre-game coverage of the 2010 World Cup is that South Africa was once banned from soccer competition because of its policy of Apartheid. Reporters ask how the host nation is faring post BDS. In the wake of Apartheid, South Africa has been trying to revert its place names to aboriginal origins, some buried by centuries of colonial heritage, to efface Apartheid’s dark legacy. Those hopeful about Israel’s sooner-than-later repudiation of its racism can take heart that for original place names of a re-christened Palestine, one need look no further than a 1947 map.

South America unites in rejecting US subversion on continent

evo moralesMuch of Latin America has watched on in disgust as the US government has fomented regional strife, civil war, and racist pogroms against the indigenous community in Bolivia that has claimed at least 30 lives so far. Reuters reports though that South American leaders back Bolivia’s Morales and not Washington DC in this battle.

Leaders of countries all around the globe are beginning to resist US government terrorism. Pakistan also has begun to fight back against US subversion of peace in their country, just as Russia gave a kick in the teeth to US subversion in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. See Pakistan troop fire turns back U.S. helicopters

Latin America, too, is just fed up with the US government. Yankees Go Home! That is the cry every where these days!

US imperialism in check with Detente

First there’s Georgia, where Russia pushes back US efforts to muscle further NATO expansion. Then in our own hemisphere, Bolivia and Venezuela expel their US ambassadors, as Russian long range bombers land in South America in advance of joint naval maneuvers in the Caribbean. It’s not a resumption of the Cold War with the USSR, Russia is advancing no Communist Iron Curtain. But could a rival super power, in league with the unaligned nations, be a challenge to US hegemony? We could hope so.

Christ the Redeemer of the Andes

Border Argentina Chile Bermijo Pass
In the early part of the 20th century, Argentina and Chile were engaged in an ongoing border dispute. Inspired by Pope Leo XIII’s calls for worldwide peace and harmony, the Bishop of Cuyo commissioned a statue of Christ the Redeemer to remind believers of Christ’s message of peace. As the countries drew closer to armed conflict, plans were made to ship the statue from Buenos Aires to the Andes as a symbol of peace between the two nations.

The statue stands at the border of Argentina and Chile, at 12,572 feet, on the Bermijo Pass. This is the location where General José de San Martín and his army of 4,000 crossed the Andes in 1817 in their quest to liberate Chile from Spanish rule. Needless to say, it is sacred ground to the many South Americans who consider San Martín to be their Libertador.

In 1902, a peaceful resolution to the dispute was reached. Two years later, 3,000 Chileans and Argentinians climbed to the summit together to see the statue unveiled. One of the plaques beneath the statue reads:

Sooner shall these mountain crags crumble to dust than Chile and Argentina shall go to war again with each other.

The countries came to the brink of war in Beagle Conflict but, at Pope John Paul II’s urging, signed a Vatican-mediated compromise in 1984.

I guess Christ the Talisman is working!

Andes Argentina Chile borderChilean fort Bermijo Pass Andes
Christ the Redeemer Andes Argentina Chile

The US government wins the Venezuelan elections

Hugo Chavez went down in defeat in Sunday’s election in Venezuela. Like the Nicaraguan elections where the Sandinista’s lost power, the people of a Latin American country were once again defeated by the US government in an election. Why?

Today Nicaragua is the poorest country in the Americas with the exception of Haiti, which is presently occupied by a despicable United Nations military doing the dirty work of the Bush Administration. Why did the Venezuelan electorate vote the way they did then? The answer is simple, and the reasons are similar to why the Nicaraguans voted the way they did back in the ’80s.

Many Venezuelans, like the Nicaraguans before them, simply were scared that the US military would use their power against their Venezuelan ‘patria’ if the vote was against what the gringo Powers in D.C. wanted. They stayed home and abstained from voting in a very close election, handing the victory to the Venezuelan Business Class, though only by the slimmest majority.

This is the danger of holding elections where US money is allowed to enter in and determine the results of an election. US money buys elections in poorer countries especially when the threat is to go to war with that country if results are now what the US government wants. A government looking for revolutionary change simply cannot allow the US to channel money into its opposition.

The US government would imprison any opposition taking foreign money to try to overturn it, and that is what the Venezuelan government led by Hugo Chavez didn’t do, with the results being a setback for The Revolution there. Let’s hope that the setback is temporary only, for the Venezuelans under the control of their corporate power elites are going nowhere except into being controlled by the US elites from afar. Live free and independent, or die!

The King of Spain is a royal asshole

The international press has been reporting for everybody the spectacle of the King of Spain putting down Hugo Chavez with his comment ‘Why don’t you shut up, Little Boy?’ Why the King of Spain should be attending a summit meeting in Santiago, Chile is never questioned at all though?

Actually, the royal family of Spain is a royal group of royal assholes just like it is with the royal family of England. Can’t somebody chop off their heads please, since this is the 21st century, is it not? There is no need to have kings and queens around any more, not even for ceremonial purposes let alone having them attend summit meetings between countries while opening their big, royally stupid mouths.

It is also interesting to know that it is even against the law in Spain, a supposed democratic country of Europe, to insult the royal family. That being said, the King of Spain is a total asshole for sure. ( I hope they don’t try to put me in prison for 2 years for saying this. There would go my Spanish vacation!)

And they make fun of the laws of Thailand protecting their royal king asshole from cartoons, etc.? The Europeans need to clean up their own royal assholes first, it appears.

Venezuelan top general throws in lot with US

Venezuelan defectorA key figure in the Venezuelan military, Gen. Raul Isaias Baduel, has decided to jump ship and cast his lot with the US. He has become highly uncomfortable, as Chavez has been busy dismantling the entrenched power foundations of the Venezuelan elites, and implementing new institutions that would better help defend Venezuela from US plans to overturn social reform there.

The rallying cry to move the Venezuelan Revolution forward has become Chavez’s call to reform the constitution. The Church, the military elite, and the top business elite oppose this, and continue to convince many in the Venezuelan middle class that it is better to allow the US to manage national affairs rather than allow the lower classes an opportunity to a better society for all.

By jumping ship, General Baduel is calling for rebellion inside the ranks of the Venezuelan military and asking that elements there support another US coup attempt on the Chavez led government. There are increased signs that the US government will take soon time away from their affairs of screwing over the Middle East and Africa, and advance toward committing new military aggressions against Latin America, against Cuba and Venezuela. In this, both the Democrats and Republicans are united.

Oil and Oppression

To those that don’t read the abominable local paper, The Gazette, ‘Oil and Oppression’ was the title of their lead editorial opinion today so that’s what this commentary is responding to.

But don’t think that The Gazette was writing about Iraq under this heading, since they were writing about Hugo Chavez instead. They say Chavez is a ‘dictator in the making’! Not to worry about Dubya though, I guess?

Think God that we don’t have to worry about dictators in the making here in the USA, right? Our political system is run by a two headed dog instead, so just what are the concerns of Colorado’s finest, as they write from the editorial offices of our favorite local comic book? Well, The Gazette is concerned that Venezuelan democracy is being crushed because the US government is being prohibited from channeling money into Venezuelan politics! How dare this dictator Chavez stop these funds!?

It’s bad news, but our brilliant theoreticians at The Gazette tell us Colorado residents to not be too concerned about ‘his childish fulminations’. That’s a big word there, Guys. A ‘fulmination’ can’t hurt us, but sticks and stones can. So how does The Gazette plan to ward off sticks and stones from The Evil Dictator, Hugo Chavez? The Evil One has oil, you see?

Reading from their Ayn Rand liberry, they say that the correct manner of warding off evil is just to let The System do its work. Translated, that means that we should just let the CIA work to a more successful coup attempt than the one they attempted in the recent past. Meanwhile, at the editorial offices of The Gazette, Atlas Shrugs, basking in the knowledge that ‘liberty’ will prevail. Oil be damned. For more info about the threat from The Evil One, see Mark Weisbrot’s A Bank of Their Own: Latin America Casting off Washington’s Shackles

Americans for Chavez

Americans for Chavez provides a group of links to organizations that support defending Venezuela from US government attempts to overthrow the government there. I couldn’t help but notice that the local group CS Action is linked to on that site. Good work, CS Action!

The news links are helpful in getting news, also.

Che, The Internationalist

Che Guevara lives on in the victory of his ideals over those of his adversaries. Che was an internationalist appalled by the poverty that the US Empire and its capitalism had delivered to the common people across the Americas and on other continents like Africa.

Today, he remains the living antithesis to our government’s constant desire to conquer other peoples and to rule over them in the consequent misery that comes to the fallen.

Che, like Martin Luther King, had a dream. Forty years later it is still honored by others in their respect for this true American hero. And in the country where he was murdered by the CIA’s henchmen, the people honor him more than ever. Bolivia The press makes it out as if it is a party, but Che’s dream lives on as US power in the Americas begins to erode.

Evo Morales on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show

My wife loves this guy and his name because his name, Evo Morales, translates as… ‘Eve Morals’. A boy named Evo in Bolivia might have a life just a little like a boy named Sue in Oklahoma would! Who knows? Here he is on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show

Maybe Ahmadinejad should have done that program instead of visiting Columbia University? He could have done some jokes along the lines of….

There was an Imam, Pastor, and Rabbi who all went out to lunch together with God and here’s what they all ordered….

Jon Stewart certainly would have treated him with respect and dignity instead of trying to incite a war.

El Mapale de Colombia Y Carnival

What makes salsa, salsa? Like the Blues, salsa is heavily rooted in African rhythms and dance. From sensual Mapale came the sensuality of salsa.

Here is another great video of Mapale dance. And now Che Mapale makes it to Barranquilla for Mardi Gras. It’s the Mapale that gives Barranquilla, Colombia it’s edge on having the best danced Carnival celebration in the world. See Carnalavero to see why? The indigenous collides and merges with the Afro Colombian Mapale in Barranquilla with Checo Acosta. More Danza Mapale and back to a Tribute to the Carnival of Barranquilla.

All in all, you can see some of this style danced on occasion in Manitou Springs! And Mapale beats break-dancing USA style any day. In fact, break-dancing is probably just a degenerated form of Mapale. And who knows what the Manitou Springs form of dance degenerated from?

Mystical Machu Picchu

peru-machu-picchu.jpgI’ve seen it in books, but it’s hard to describe how I felt when I actually saw it. Mists swirling around, emerald green grass, orchids overgrowing the Inka Trail, alpacas standing in our way. Mostly I felt a surreal connection to an ancient culture, sophisticated, brilliant, visionary and REAL. My friend and I stood there quietly for a long time, chewing our coca leaves, taking it all in. Our guide sat quietly as well. Sometimes words truly don’t suffice.
Click on the pic to see a bigger version.

Another gay battlefield

One million hate filled Fundamentalist Christians marching in a demonstration against Satan inspired homosexuals? A projected festival of 3 million Gays and friends and family of this segment of society to follow? Moo… Yes, Dorothy, we are not in Kansas any more. Gays have our support in their battle against the Religious Nuts who want to crucify them, whether it be in the US, Nigeria, Moscow, or Brazil.

Inka Trail

img_0524_0196.jpgA certain recalcitrant blogger had a fun adventure recently in Peru….If she can find someone to help her learn Photoshop she will post some of her pictures and attempt to give insight into the land of the Inka. Peru is absolutely breathtaking. It will be hard to find words to do it justice.

From Y to V- The CIA’s Otpor strategy to overthrow governments

Since so many pacifists seem prone to accept at face value and fall for any rhetoric that appears to be supporting ‘peaceful’ means of protest, even when it is being pushed from the Pentagon and Washington DC, the following information is quite important. This is from Setting the Stage for Turmoil in Caracas
—Repeating the East European experience in Venezuela—

The new imperial strategy includes something called “American Corners.” These “corners” are small offices set up by Washington throughout the target country that basically serve as mini-embassies. It is not completely clear what exactly these “corners” do, but inside you will find an array of information about the United States, including study abroad opportunities, English classes, and pro-U.S. propaganda. On top of this, the mini-embassies also organize events, trainings, and lectures for young students.

Interestingly, they seem to be very abundant in countries that Washington seeks to destabilize. The former Yugoslavian countries have a total of 22 American Corners, including 7 in Serbia. The Ukraine has 24, Belarus 11, Russia 30, even Iraq, with 11. By far the highest concentration of the “corners” is in Eastern Europe, where Washington has focused its destabilization efforts in recent years. [17]

There are at least 4 “American Corners” in Venezuela, the most for any Latin American country, and the U.S. also finances literally hundreds of organizations throughout the country to the tune of more than $5 million a year. [18] Together, these U.S.-funded organizations are working to implant the Eastern European experience in Venezuela. As reported by Reuters, the Venezuelan opposition is already learning the Serbian tactics to overthrow a regime from a retired U.S. army colonel named Robert Helvey.

“Helvey, who has taught young activists in Myanmar and Serbian students who helped topple the former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic in 2000, is giving courses on non-violent opposition tactics this week at an east Caracas university,” said the article. “Neither Helvey nor the organizers of the Caracas seminar would give details of exactly what opposition tactics were being taught. But in his work in Serbia before Milosevic’s fall, Helvey briefed students on ways to organize a strike and on how to undermine the authority of a dictatorial regime,” reported Reuters. [19]

And more recently, in the university city of Mérida, history professor from Texas, Neil Foley, hosted an event sponsored by the U.S. embassy and the Venezuelan-American Center (Cevam), not an official “American Corner” but serving the same purpose. Foley, who has also spoken in various “American Corners” in Serbia, gave speeches in both Bolivia and Venezuela on “American values.” [20]

I attended one of Foley’s speeches and, as expected, it was a complete pro-U.S. propaganda campaign imposed upon the university students. The professor gave exactly the message that the U.S. Embassy had paid him to give, speaking wonders about American society and “American democracy.” According to Foley, the United States solves all of its problems by tolerance for others and an all-inclusive “dialogue,” between opposing parties. And sending a clear hint to the Venezuelan students, Foley implied that any government that does not live up to these standards “must be overthrown.” [21

Also, besides the full article (which is well worth reading) from where this excerpt came from, the additional following article is also of interest. Behind Venezuela’s “Student Rebellion”. Who’s pulling the strings?

Venezuela was correct in not renewing a TV license for RCTV

It was not censorship for Venezuela to not renew a public TV license to RCTV, a station that fabricated news coverage during the US backed coup effort against Venezuela’s government in 2002. If any TV station tried to do the same in the US, its top officials would go to jail for years on charges of treason.

In the US, even top Democratic Party officials are having to deal with the same sort of manipulation of information by news outlets, like Fox News. Certainly governments have a right to ensure that national news outlets don’t cooperate with foreign powers in trying to foment presidential coups. See also the ZNet published commentary, ‘Venezuela and Media: Fact and Fiction‘ that comments about that.

Luckily for Venezuela, the people of that nation were able to thwart the ruling elites of their society from helping the US government kidnap their president in the same way and manner that Haiti’s president, Aristide, was kidnapped by the US military. Below is an excellent 1 1/2 hour long documentary about how Venezuela’s private corporate media cooperated in trying to install that made-in-US coup d’etat into power that can be seen free from youtube in 8 parts.

If you are interested in conspiracy theories like those surrounding 9/11 and the Kennedy Assassination, then check this film out. This was certainly a conspiracy carried out against the Venezuelan people from Washington DC.

Llaguno Bridge: Key to a Massacre
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

The OAS under Bush

‘Orgies on the negotiating table’ by Colombian death squad leaders is in the news in Latin America.

A pretty picture of what the Organization of American States (OAS) located in Washington DC has actually deteriorated to, since they sponsored and secured the area where these criminals partied. And think that the US and its allies have a tough-on-crime attitude? How about a monthly $200 pension for death squad members who lay down their knives and stop dismembering peasants and other poor folk with?

Isn’t that nice? All part of the so-called War on Drugs, otherwise know as the daddy of the so-called ‘War Against Terrorism’.

See also, Colombia’s Civil War and the US

Clinton’s Colombian death squads are now seen as the American-fed bad boys they are

While Monica was sucking on Slick’s dick, all seemed to be going well for Clinton’s war against the Colombian people. Americans were lapping up the official US governmental rhetoric that the US was engaged in a war against drugs and not a counter insurgency operation against the poorest of the poor. Lies, lies, lies, and these lies helped set the stage for yet more lies about other countries and US terror operations there. Drugs and WOMD. Death Squad Scandal Circles Closer to Colombia’s President

Let’s hope it also circles closer to the US presidency, too, since it certainly should. And further, too, that the scandal eventually circles to the House and Senate that authorized these US crimes still largely hidden away from the American public.

America’s Colombian friends

Horrrible testimony is coming out daily in Colombia about the American government’s Colombian friends, the Paramilitary death squads.

All of Colombia is following the continual unfolding of new scandal about the Colombian government and military’s deep connections with the paramilitaries. Check out the video some even though it is in Spanish. Your tax monies went to help make these atrocities happen, so don’t hide your eyes and ears away. Take a look.

America made this level of total criminality possible by funding the Colombian military for decades now. The techniques used by the death squads organized by the Colombian military rival the worst crimes of the Japanese and the Nazis during WW2. Still, our US corporate media keeps it all quite hidden away from the American public, and most Americans still continue to think that the US government is only there fighting drugs, if they think about Colombia at all.
from ‘El Tiempo’ below which is the New York Times of Colombia….
…Villalba assures that for the cutting up learning they used peasants who brought up together during the occupations of neighboring towns. “They were older people taken on trucks, alive, tied”, he described. The victims arrived to the estate on topped trucks. They were taken down with their hands tied and moved to a room, where they remained locked for several days, waiting for the training to start.

Then the “bravery instruction” came up: people were separated in four or five groups “and there they were cut into pieces”, Villalba told during the deposition. “The instructor told me: ‘You stand up here and secures the one who cuts’. Every time a town was occupied and someone is going to be cut, the ones doing that job must be provided with security”.

Men and women were taken out the rooms on their underwear. Still with their hands tied, they were taken to the place where the instructor awaited to start the first recommendations: “The instructions were to take off their arms, their head, to cut them alive. They came out crying and asked us not to hurt them, [they said] they had a family”.

Villalba describes the process: “The people were opened from the chest to the belly to take out the guts, the innards. Their legs, their arms, their heads were ripped off, with a machete or a knife. The rest, their remains, [were taken out] by hand. We, who were on instruction, took out the intestines”.

The training was compulsory, according to him, to “test [their] courage and learn how to disappear people”. During the month and a half Francisco Villalba says he was in the course, he saw cutting instructions three times. “They chose the students to participate. Once, one of them refused to do it. ‘Doble cero’ [a paramilitary chief] stood up and told him: ‘Come here, I can do it’. Then he ordered to cut him up. They made me to cut one girl’s arm. She was already taken her head and one leg out. She asked them not to do it, because she had two children”.

The bodies were taken to common graves at the same place, La 35, where it is estimated 400 people were buried….

much more, including video of the undercovering of the 10,000 PLUS bodies at El Tiempo.

Otpor and the US made coup attempts against Chavez in Venezuela

As a leader of Otpor (now called Canvas) meets with people in Colorado Springs and at Colorado College, it might be of interest to follow the trail of Otpor to Venezuela, and efforts of the US to overthrow Hugo Chavez there.

Contrary to how Otpor represents itself, it is not just a group of nice Serbian student leaders from Belgrade, that through Gandhi inspired tactics non-violently overthrew Milosevic in the wake of a very violent US war on Yugoslavia. The story is quite a bit more complex than that, so we follow their trail to Venezuela.

To understand the following Reuters report dated back in 2003, though, one must first realize that Otpor is connected with ‘The Albert Einstein Institute’ of which Colonel Robert Helvey is an integral part of. This is a US government run operation designed to link Gandhian methods of nonviolent protest to Pentagon and US State Department efforts to overthrow foreign governments. Hence, we move from Belgrade to Caracas as the US government goes after Hugo Chavez. It’s Gandhi in the service of the Pentagon to help make a coup!
US democracy expert teaches Venezuelan opposition
By Pascal Fletcher

CARACAS, Venezuela, April 30, 2003 (Reuters) – Retired U.S. army colonel Robert Helvey has trained pro-democracy activists in several parts of the world so he knows something about taking on military regimes and political strongmen.

Now he is imparting his skills in Venezuela, invited by opponents of President Hugo Chavez who accuse the leftist leader of ruling like a dictator in the world’s No. 5 oil exporter.

Helvey, who has taught young activists in Myanmar and Serbian students who helped topple the former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic in 2000, is giving courses on non-violent opposition tactics this week at an east Caracas university.

Secrecy surrounds the classes. A sign outside the door, apparently there to deflect the curious, reads: “Seminar on strategic marketing.”

But the strategies Helvey is sharing with some of Chavez’s foes focuses not on balance sheets but on how to resist, oppose and change a government without the use of bombs and bullets.

After initially declining to answer questions, Helvey, a former U.S. military attache in Burma and now a consultant with the private U.S. Albert Einstein Institution that promotes non-violent action in conflicts, told Reuters non-violence was the key to the tactics he taught.

“In every political conflict, there is a potential for violence, and it is incumbent on leaders to make sure they don’t cross the threshold of violence,” he said.

Organizers of the seminar did not welcome journalists. “This is a private meeting of friends,” one said.

The attendees included representatives of Venezuela’s broad-based but fragmented opposition, who are struggling to regroup after failing to force Chavez from office in an anti-government strike in December and January.

Chavez, a fiery populist first elected in 1998, survived a brief coup last year by dissident military officers who now form part of the opposition movement, which also includes labor and business chiefs, politicians and anti-Chavez civic groups.


Opposition sources said Helvey was invited to Caracas by a group of businessmen and professionals. They in turn organized the course involving a broad cross-section of the opposition.

Helvey’s presence comes at a time when a debate is raging inside and outside Venezuela about whether Chavez is a democrat or a power-hungry autocrat. That debate is important for the United States, which is a major buyer of Venezuelan oil.

Chavez’s critics portray him as a dangerous, anti-U.S. maverick who has extended his personal political control of the country’s political institutions, judiciary and armed forces.

They say he has strengthened his country’s ties with anti-U.S. states like communist Cuba, Iran, Libya and — until the U.S.-led invasion toppled Saddam Hussein — Iraq.

Since the April 2002 coup that briefly overthrew him, Chavez’s relations with the United States have remained edgy. The U.S. government has fiercely denied accusations from some Venezuelan officials that it encouraged or supported the coup.

Chavez fiercely condemned the invasion of Iraq. But Venezuelan oil shipments to the U.S. have kept on flowing.

The Venezuelan leader, who was elected to office six years after failing to seize power in a botched coup, denies he is a communist, says his government is democratic and regularly pillories his opponents as “terrorists” and “coup-mongers.”

His foes have staged huge, anti-Chavez street protests over the last 18 months. He portrays them as a wealthy, resentful elite opposed to his self-styled “revolution” which he says aims to benefit the oil-rich nation’s poor majority.

Neither Helvey nor the organizers of the Caracas seminar would give details of exactly what opposition tactics were being taught. But in his work in Serbia before Milosevic’s fall, Helvey briefed students on ways to organize a strike and on how to undermine the authority of a dictatorial regime.

In the mid 1990s, he traveled to the Thailand/Myanmar border to give classes in non-violent resistance to exiled Burmese students opposing the military junta in their country.

His former students remember him as “Bob.”

“He used his military skills in strategic planning for non-violent protest methods … Everybody was fascinated by Bob, because he was a military man and was applying that to non-violence,” Aung Naing Oo, former foreign secretary for the All Burma Students Democratic Front, told Reuters.

A spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in Caracas told Reuters the embassy knew nothing about Helvey’s visit and had nothing to do with the secretive seminar.

Oh, yes, for sure. lol… This article, interestingly enough, is from ‘Burma Related News’. It’s a small world it does appear.