Peru convicts Fujimori for war crimes even as Sri Lanka slaughters thousands in a similar counter insurgency war against its citizens

Tamil Tigers The world once sat by and allowed the United States and its Peruvian puppet, Alberto Fujimori to slaughter off tens of thousands of its indigenous citizens. The excuse was that Sendero Luminoso, the oppositional group, was not a nice enough group of people for liberals and Leftists to campaign to stop the slaughter from occurring. Today the whole world sits by, because they don’t like the Tamil Tigers, and does the exact same thing of allowing the slaughter to go on.

Yet, On this very same day, today Fujimori got convicted and Tamils are demonstrating to stop the same sort of slaughter. The world as a whole though seems to learn nothing? No CHANGE has occurred still.

The role of the US government has been is to simply accept what its ally, India, does in Kashmir and in regard to the ‘Tamil Question?’ India is needed in a US constructed Asian regional alliance against both Russia and China, so this slaughter is just not important enough to the US government to prevent from occurring. The Tamils will simply join others as collateral damage.

3 thoughts on “Peru convicts Fujimori for war crimes even as Sri Lanka slaughters thousands in a similar counter insurgency war against its citizens

  1. Hi Tony. I think the problem is also that people do not know who is causing the deaths. Both sides have been restricting media access and punishing those who report on the truth. How can we show that it is the Sri Lankan government that is conducting the majority of atrocities when there are no independent observers on the ground.

  2. You’re right, and it is so hard for most people to just keep up with all these conflicts across the Planet or to see the connections between them all.

    Just imagine though if The US Empire was to truly decline to use war for its own ends or accept war making by others as something natural in the world? What if the US government was to spend all those trillions it currently uses to fund the Pentagon to wage war, if it were to simply use the same amount of funds for peacemaking instead? All these wars would end.

    In the final count, the US government is the key component to all these conflicts around the Planet. It is the American people themselves that can stop all this killing, even in places like Sri Lanka. They have chosen not to though, and that is our American and world tragedy both. It is what makes me so not proud to be an American. We have the key in our hands but we have chosen not to use it to close the doors to making all these wars continue as they do. We choose to pretend that our American elites do not have a hand in all these tragedies, yet they do.

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