No strippers allowed

Good boys dont hire strippers
Three lacrosse players from Duke University have been held hostage by the justice system for the past 9 months. They stand accused of sexual assault and kidnapping (rape charges were recently dropped), allegations made by a stripper who performed at an off-campus party last March.

Initially the woman did not allege rape. Later, she told police that she’d been raped by 2, 5, 10, 20 lacrosse players. Her co-stripper called the claim a “crock.” The woman also claimed that she’d been given a date rape drug. Toxicology tests found no trace of such a drug in her system. Lab tests found no evidence of DNA from the three defendants, nor from any other Duke players. They did, however, find the semen of at least 5 other men.

Cell phone records and time-stamped photographs show strong alibis for a couple of the young men accused. The stripper now says she’s not sure that she was ever penetrated by anyone, and definitely not by one of the men she’d fingered earlier, one with an alibi. She’s been under psychiatric care a number of times. She’s on an anti-psychotic drug, Seroquel. She’s alleged gang rape before. Her story has changed, often significantly, no fewer than a dozen times.

The DA in the case, Mike Nifong, recently recused himself from the case as he faces disciplinary action from the North Carolina Bar for his handling of the situation.

Why would charges even have been filed in such a non-case? A case without any credible evidence? Well, because the lacrosse players are rich and white, and the stripper is poor and black, and Mike Nifong needed to pander to the African-American community in Durham in order to win re-election to the DA’s office.

I imagine when Dr. Martin Luther King told us he dreamed of the day when people aren’t judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character, he was speaking of all people. Even rich white boys.

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14 Responses to No strippers allowed

  1. Avatar Tony says:

    I really hate these sort of media events, where a nation becomes involved in guessing the guilt or innocence of people involved in distant cases involving people of different races.

    In this case at Duke University, we should not forget that the whole event started with essentially an act of prostitution, that involved a group of elite White players of an elite sport at an elite university in an elite league. These people now act as if they are all entirely innocent victims. They are not. The whole event involving these White athletes hiring Black prostitutes still stinks, much as it has from the beginning.

    On the other hand, the case also spotlights our dubious laws regarding rape. Instead of a system of law that takes into account the many variations of rape that there are, we have a system that often hands out draconian sentences in minor and marginal cases. These laws are as outdated and backward as the ‘three strikes and you are out’ laws than often railroad petty delinquents into serving life sentences. They need to be drastically modified, so that marginal sexual abuse is not treated the same as cases of sexual torture. And where consensual sex between involving older men/women with 16-17 year old teenagers doesn’t send folk to jail for years. And where a prostitute can’t just shout ‘rape’, when a deal goes sour in some way.

    Law without good judgement being allowed is bad law. And American law today is almost totally without sensibility being applied, or neutrality of judgement. Cases are tried depending on the amount of media coverage, and always involving the amount of money involved.

    That being said, we should suspect decisions that go the way of the money, against those without. In the case of the Duke University rape allegations, it is just possible that we may never know much of what really happened. There was certainly an excess of media, and much money was also thrown around to influence the decisions made. We will never truly know who all was guilty, and of what?

  2. Avatar Marie says:

    The white athletes didn’t want a black stripper. . .that was part of the problem. It was about race from the start.

  3. Eric Eric says:

    Can an offended reader get a picture in edgewise?

    Nice boys partying with nice girls

    I see two sides separated by the traditional inequalities
    in gender, race and class, and both getting and about to get burned.

  4. Avatar Jonah says:

    Prostitution is in itself rape. It is about the degradation of a woman where the only way for her to survive is through allowing herself to be used as a slave to sate the desires of anybody who can come up with the 20 bucks. The men who hire them out to other men tell them they have to take on anybody with the money. It leaves out gut instincts about guys who are as filthy on the outside as they are on the inside. It leaves them unprotected from STDs and from terrorists like the latest Ripper in England.

    There is even the thought that the lady in question was used by the police and prosecutors to create a sensational story, which they then could double dip and slam prostitutes after they essentially used her.

    It looks to me a lot like this is the kind of fodder DumFox news needed to keep people’s eyes off the much larger issues facing America.
    Then they get to portray sex workers, particularly Black ones, as proof of the degeneracy of the Civil Rights people, and portray the Black race as being “reverse discrimination” racists and moan and bitch about how the Liberal courts have once again been used to downgrade the Noble and Pure among the White Race.

    Hey, here’s an idea, maybe if the Pigs actually PROTECT sex workers instead of jailing them? Naaahh never gonna happen.

  5. Avatar tony logan says:

    Jonah, prostitution is not the same as rape. Where did you get this exaggerated rhetoric from about it being ‘slavery’ for $20?

    I hate to even enter into this theme of discussion because it gets so heated up. Why? It’s simply because the discussion revolves around the relationships between the 2 sexes, that’s why. Dangerous terrain.

  6. Avatar Jonah says:

    Essentially the criminalization, and ostracism of the women is what causes a downward spiral. I would think of the life as being a Hell on earth with no escape.

    The slavery part of it is that they are dependent on their pimps for protection, La Gente Buena and the police aren’t going to.

    Their protectors keep them drugged, for the most part. Selling yourself would be the ultimately degrading psychic self torture. Every culture, especially the most “civilized” has some very ugly words to describe the women (and men, and little kids too), and to go into the business would take a giant leap out of the bounds of so called “normal” society, and there would have to be means of keeping them in the bonds of the trade.

    Drugs are convenient because they help the women face the life of outcasts. To a degree, but they also are procured illegally, at a greater expense than they can afford, and addictive.

    Thus the spiral downward.

    Where it will ever end, when or if it ever will, I have no way of knowing.

    Nor can I think of a rational way to bring about a more civil, instead of civilized, way of dealing with things.

    Civilization, as far as I can see by the textbook definitions of the term, is merely the fact that a society has devised strict rules about who can commit which murders and thefts, against whom and at what times and under which conditions.

    They take ordinary crime and make it organized and brutal, and a foundation for the continuance of the “civilized society”.

    That the lady in question was doped is obvious. All sides seem to agree.
    The date rape drugs wouldn’t be in the bloodstream for more than a few hours, that part is an insidious little side effect that the people who use them take full advantage of. It leaves no evidence, other than the word of witnesses as to your behavior while intoxicated.

    It wouldn’t show up in a toxicology screening after a day, the tox screen on this lady was when? 3 maybe 4 days later?

    That she was then used by the police, and other members of the government, is not as obvious, but strongly insinuated.

    That she was used by the good people of Fox Network is even more obvious.

    Now any charge of misconduct by the Elite will be measured by the media focus on this one case. Any charge of racism, or discrimination, is going to be measured the same way.

    The same people who say “I’m not bigoted mind you, but those Blacks are always complaining about everything” will now be saying “the Duke Team rape charges prove that they all lie, and always whine, and the Civil Rights people jump to their defense”.

    You can almost smell it coming.

  7. Avatar Jonah says:

    Oh and the controversial nature of sex issues, that made it even more groovy for the manipulators, whoever they turn out to be. The flashier the better, in stage magic misdirection is more important than legerdemain.

    It’s not the hand being quicker than the eye. It’s something else the eye is watching instead of watching the all important hand.

    How much other stuff have they slid past the American public while this story was distracting them?

  8. Avatar Tony says:

    I don’t for a second think I know the real details to the Duke University/ stripper case. We would be participating in a trial by media press sensationalism here, and the women involved already appear to have been defeated in the ‘court of public opinion’. This is all very tawdry and Murdoch, is it not? Certainly it has little to do with an abstraction called JUSTICE.

    As to the nature of prostitution, Jonah? Prostitutes are not total victims here. Take for one example, Ted Haggard’s favorite prostitute? Does he seem the total victim that many want to make all prostitutes out to be? I think that he is rather not that at all, and so not, too, are very, very many female prostitutes that are operating out there.

    I get rather put off by those who are disposed to play the White Knight rushing to the rescue of the supposedly offended caste of females all the time. Prostitution comes in many shapes and forms, and so do prostitutes themselves. Some of them are being victimized to some extent or another, and many of them are more victimizers than victims. Some of them are even more caregivers than victims. Some prostitution is considered legal, and some prostitution is not. Prostitution is a wide field of endeavor, with many subdivisions within it. It is not even an exclusively female line of work.

    What is a prostitute anyway? Is a topless dancer one in your opinion, Jonah, if she dances inside a club? What is she comes to your house? What if she makes a rated X film? What if she walks up to you on a street and asks if you want a ‘date’?

    “Sure, Honey, come on over and dance for me topless!”

    Is that prostitution?

    “Sure, Honey, I do want a ‘date’, but only if you will let me pay you to do solely a semi-nude belly dance.”

    Is that prostituiton, or an offer to pay to watch an artist dance?

    Oh, yes. A message feels good tonight. Will that be an act of prostitution? Will I be degrading a woman if I ask for one? Let me ask my wife first. lol

    But is she says NO, and for me to go get fucked….. Well will that be prostitution if I pay for that massage?

    I guess what I am getting at, is that the law needs to stop acting as if something vague that they call ‘prostitution’ is something they need to outlaw and put on a list of crimes as if it were almost the equivalent of rape. Prostitution is a consensual exchange of services, not rape. That’s all it is, and the police need to stop punishing the service providers. We need the police to get out of people’s daily affairs, PERIOD. Instead of protectors, they are most often just harassers.

    Personally, I think prostitutes are mainly not to be trusted. since they have a tendency to degrade and use men. Now you know they do, Jonah, so stop pretending its the other way around. lol…..

  9. Avatar Jonah says:

    Yes and the system is going to degrade everybody involved. It works that way because of the heavy emotional issues invoked. I did mention the Ripper in England? another one.They have somebody in custody, but hey, if the original Jack The Ripper had played his cards right and just stopped killing people for a while the first time the cops made an arrest. … I was about to say he would have gotten away with it, never mind.

    I have met many prostitutes in my life. Not any rich ones to be sure. If there is one who is getting a social advantage out of it, or making a decent living, she must be somebody’s trophy wife or something. Xaviera Hollander made more money writing her books and her (!) advice column than she did from the trade itself.

    Until 1942 a worker and her customers faced death from syphilis with every turn. Then antibiotics cleared it up for a while. But now they face as an occupational hazard AIDS and Hep C.

    It sounds more like a “job” that most would just as soon not have.

    I will concede that some actually volunteer for the job. But with self induced Capital Punishment for doing the Job and nut cases who will kill them for the Job, and the chance to be exploited either by the media or the politicians or corporate america.

    Which three put together are really one and the same, nowadays.

    If I wanted to go totally Taliban on the issue, there is a really strict theory that any woman who makes herself look attractive is fishing for sex. Which is where the Ripper type freaks come off. Not condemning the women for what they do. Shit, if people face judgment for having sex and/or getting some value in return everybody is in deep.
    What I’m saying though is the way it is being spun, the powers get to slam women, blacks, liberals, all in one huge slap.

    And get to redirect the attention of the masses.

    Hitler made much about Ernst Rohm and the SA being predominantly gay. It gave him an excuse to clamp down on the power base AND redirect the people long enough to accomplish other actions, not as dramatic, but very important to the future plans.

    When he got done with the Night of the Long Knives most people didn’t give a wet slap about the reign of terror that should have been the focal point of disbanding the Brown Shirts. Which set in motion the greater reign of terror to come.

    So I wonder, are we being redirected? It is always possible. The sheissen- meisters in “command” are experts at pulling something from nothing. I would never think that they suddenly decided to stop lying, and on a massive scale.

    It might get me embroiled in conspiracy speculation, so be it.

    To me the issue isn’t about who was involved, but how it is being served up to us.

  10. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Speaking of it being served up to us, Jonah, I think that we are being really served up shit by the latest Air Force scam to make America think that the military is hot stuff. Have you followed military soldier/ whore, the supposed Sgt. Michele Manhart, as she goes into covert operation over at the Playboy mansion? See how sexy the US Armed Forces really are, Lads! It’s the latest ‘news’ trash being fed America.

    Supposedly, the Air Force is all upset about how its wholesome image is being tarnished, and has released Sarge Manheart from active duty due to her nude bootcamp routine. In reality, all this is a publicity stunt to IMPROVE the military’s image, I rather think.

    Poor, Sgt. Michelle Manhart, she’s another prostitute being degraded and manipulated by men! lol…. And by that evil mummy, Hugh Hefner. Shame on him! They shouldn’t change his Attends for what he’s done to ‘hurt’ poor Michelle.

    The mainstream ‘news’ is so full of garbage like this and the Duke University thing, that Jerry Springer is where we have to go if we want content.

  11. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    Eric, that should be the picture for the post!

  12. Avatar The 13th says:

    Sexual exploitation is far more than the well-documented cases of abuse to women. In the “male-dominated” version of history books it’s important to consider that heterosexual crimes were the only secrets most men were willing to admit to. Rape, prostitution, and all “exploitations” can and do occur both genders.

    Same sex rape (i.e. man against man) still endures a gigantic cultural prejudice often gleaning very caustic responses that would be considered cruel when referencing heterosexual rape victims. For example, the “they had it coming” logic, best illustrated in the good ol’ prison gang bang for justice attitude towards “approvable” rape. Same sex rape is further silenced by the stigmatic fear/association to sexual orientation, as if rape itself was not a “forced event”.

    Even date rape is not exclusively “against women”. From a newspaper survey at Colorado State University, many Post Graduate Men actually claim feelings of regretable “college age” sexual activity than women. The article was bravely asking the question “just who is raping who on these dates”? I admit, I like this statistic. It’s nice when feelings get included in sexuality since that IS where consent and seduction dance best.

    But why stop with these examples? I’m certain the homosexual community has faced both violent rape and date rape.

    Dominance, power, vulnerability, respect… when Equality exists (or is learned) will doubtfully be gender issues (nor racial issues). Maybe we should not genderize violence. IT might lower date rape statistics AND remedy a few other dated cultural issues as well.

    And so I don’t seem altruistic, I confess there’s nothing that makes me happier than a good tug on a woman’s pigtails, so long as her backhand is equally formidable.

    Off topic: Could one of the editors/”official” contributors consider starting a topic on “how’s it going here?” or “guidelines for free speech versus NMT”

    Glad to fill a chair here but not the shill. And I mean that with regards.

    I’ve a few “structural” questions for the shallow end of the pool… simply to ward off certain natural temptations that I find impulsive whenever I find myself in warm water…

    I’ve a story concerning “Addiction” versus “Profiling” that happened to me last summer involving a voluntary “arrest” for the “weakness” of smoking cigarettes. It’s not to flog an idea, nor an essential tale, but On that Topic nevertheless.

    Likewise, it’s important to know just how many times I can add senseless wording to ideas, before creative license is revoked.

    Yep, I’m defying my own freedoms in this asking. Or maybe creating them!

    Schismatically yours,
    The 13th Maidenhead on Stilts

  13. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    The DA is going to jail. He has resigned his position and been disbarred. Unfortunately the defendants don’t get back the year he stole from them.

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