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Tribal Sovereignty means uh… you’re a sovereign entity, with a US passport.

Remember when George Bush couldn’t define “sovereignty?” Maybe it wasn’t his fault. How would you describe sovereign lands where US extraction and exploitative industries can operate without regulatory oversight, and tribes can issue identification papers unless they mean to travel … Continue reading

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Lacrosse fought & equipped by warriors

Need another tipoff that the sport of lacrosse is early combat training? The leading equipment purveyor is Warrior Sports. This photo was taken at the 2009 Jamboree in Denver Colorado, where teams of little white boys converged to declare state … Continue reading

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White Flight from football to assault rifle

Ryan dons the rest of his gear in the car. Pads, armor, helmet, even mouth guard. I adjust the rearview mirror downward until I see his small frame in the backseat. We’re only halfway to practice and he’s already biting … Continue reading

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