Ok more stupid people packing guns…

Malkin and her ilk are saying that if other people had been shooting then all would have been better.


bullets have a muzzle velocity about the speed of sound in pistols and revolvers. When a bullet hits a person unless the bullet has a really tiny mass and therefore less “terminal velocity” it will go right through that person and exit the other side at a speed only about 10 miles an hour slower than when it went in.

That’s the reason every municipality I can think of has a LAW against discharging a firearm within city limits. In London and other cities the Police can’t carry pistols, for THAT VERY REASON. Colorado Springs has a little recent history of that sort of stupidity, remember The Great Buffalo Hunt of ’05? The rifles were being discharged 3 blocks WEST of where I live now, and some of the bullets were ending up 3 or 4 blocks EAST of where I live.

Now imagine a gunfight happening in a crowded building… Where are all those bullets going, who is going to be hit by them?

Only the ones at whom the muzzles are pointed? I don’t think so…

Want more? On Military bases, the soldiers who carry their rifles around all day carry them UNLOADED. Sentries have to keep theirs loaded, but without a round in the chamber.

If you’ve ever been challenged by a sentry (I have) the first thing he does is chamber a round.

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