I know what you did last spring

Taking us down March 17 2007
We were able to obtain these prosecution photos during the trial. Officer Paladino has finally released Esther from a painful arm-bar. The sign (obscured by a balloon from the Chipotle parade unit passing beside us) reads KIDS NOT BOMBS.

Eric taken from the Bookmobile
Esther asks the police officers why they are initiating such violence.

Esther Kisamore is brought to the ground
Esther is then pulled by the arm to the ground for having interfered.

Elizabeth, whom the police pretended was the peace marcher seen sitting down, was still leaning into the Bookmobile trying to find her walking cane.

1 thought on “I know what you did last spring

  1. I’m lost. I realize that sign’s text was part of the mischaracterization of the marchers, but the sign’s correct text has been in public eyes for a while now, including this video (where the text has no obstruction):


    Why is that sign still in debate?

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