Twin Towers given Second Life

Odile jumps
Someone’s rebuilt the World Trade Center in Second Life, just for 9/11. You’ll find it in the Elegua Sim. We poked around the virtual erections and could not find any demolition charges set in the intact towers, but you can teleport to the observation deck and grab a snapshot of yourself jumping in the pre-war-on-terrorism age.

ADDENDUM: Who can know the minds of the WTC victims who chose to jump into the void of city sky out their windows, sooner than being engulfed in flames. With no aerial help on its way, did they hope that rescuers might be hustling up a means to catch those who jumped?

Perhaps the best of all terrible recourses was to make a final grand swan dive, a final extreme adrenaline ride, public or not, an expression of control over a predicament not of your making. Of course much hay has been made about whose actions brought this fate home to roost, but that’s a discussion for another time.

Who is to say we must avert our eyes when the WTC jumpers took a brave Warholian leap into the 9/11 national tragedy?

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61 Responses to Twin Towers given Second Life

  1. Avatar Bill says:

    I cannot believe how infinitesimally ridiculous you (Eric & Jonah) you sound. First of all, you want my address? 2438 Bridgewood Road, Rocky Mount, NC. Please feel free to bring your sorry, good-for-nothing, chicken-shit ass by any time. I would love to see you. Secondly, you have the audacity to call me a “coward-ass baby killer?” And you have what proof of this especially considering you have absolutely no idea what my job was over there. Is that how you report your news, just make it up as you go along? Baseless allegations followed by a series of fellow idiot-blogs that you serve to justify your incessant ramblings. What have you done to prove your self-worth? What have you done to deserve the air that you breathe? By continuously attacking and defiling the very people that guarantee you the liberties and freedom to spew forth from your mouth? You call me a coward-ass baby killer? At least that would give me the fortitude to do something outside of my shell unlike the pitiful and sorry-ass excuse of a human being that you are. One day Karma will come around and when it does I pray that it hits you like a freight train.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Look, terrorist threats in the name of “freedom” are exactly the kind of Nazi style bullshit we have opposed. Also having my nieces, my nephews, my grandkids because it’s going to last that long, fighting YOUR Masters’ wars-for-profit disguised as “justice” (There wasn’t a single Afghan or Iraqi among whoever took down the towers, but your chickenshit lying-ass commander in thief insisted on using it as an excuse to grab, with YOUR firepower, lands that don’t belong to him or his oil-corporation buddies, to line their pockets.)

    It’s people like that who dishonor America and any soldier who got caught up in their war. You weren’t deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan to fight for freedom, you were there to bring them into Corporate Slavery.

    Your Masters Bush and Cheney lied through the entire process and you’re going to lie for THEM? Of course you are, you already did and used the threat of violence against Americans who oppose being the puppet-like slaves of cowards like Bush and Cheney.

    Just like they never put their hands to the shovels or other tools by which their families have gotten rich, they wouldn’t put their hands to the gun either.

    That’s why they’re called chickenhawks. You don’t like freedom of speech, go the fuck back to Iraq or Afghanistan where you can “legally” kill Human Beings for talking back to you and the other storm-troopers of the empire.
    Hey, you “gave” them the same freedoms, right? Freedom to shut up and bow before you?

    I’m usually a little more patient with people who have been through the shit you went through. Threatening me, however, you stepped over any bounds. I know you don’t have the moral courage to apologize so I don’t expect you to do so. Shit, boy, you didn’t even have the moral courage to tell cowards like CheneyBush to kiss off.

    You want to lie for them, that’s your business BUT, you ain’t going to stop other people from telling the TRUTH.
    “fighting for freedom” MY ASS.

    That’s like saying the Confederacy were actually fighting for freedom.

    You ought to apologize to every American for believing that we’d all be stupid enough to buy your bullshit.

    Or scared enough to fall silent when Your Royal Majesty so commands.

  3. Avatar Bill says:

    Brother Jonah,
    You must have really hit your head hard when you fell off the bar stool at the enlisted club. Then you go tell everybody that it was a preventable accident? Sure, if you would have stopped a couple of Shirley Temples ago. So sad the irony of it all.

  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    One more time, because you’re not getting the message very clearly. Not my fault because it was spelled out to you very clearly.

    You do not nor will you ever have the privilege of threatening anybody, civilian or military. If you insist that you’re giving us freedom you will be called a liar and you need to grow the hell up and learn to accept truth.

    By the way, I left the E-club and other forms of self destruction to the fools. And, there were plenty of them.

    Apparently still are.

    My great uncle Clay took a Yankee Minie ball upside the head somewhere in Northern Virginia fighting for slavery. At least afterward he had the BALLS to admit that’s what it was all about.

    Sure, he took a stand far a cause. But that “cause” was WRONG and so is the one you say you fought for in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    I can’t be ashamed of what Uncle Clay did, sure as Hell can’t be proud of it either. You gonna turn from fighting a for-profit war overseas and then get all pissy and whiny and threatening when people notice that’s what you war was all about, and tell you about it?

    No, sir, I ain’t in the market for fresh pork on the hoof.
    Sell that hog to somebody dumb enough to buy it.

  5. Eric Eric says:

    Chill out Bill, no one’s coming your way, unless it’s cops to ask what you meant by your threat “pay you a visit and vent my frustration” etc. Thank you for volunteering that info, but I’ll add, your IP doesn’t match the address you gave…

    As a soldier, whether a pencil-pusher, driver or recruiter, your work supports the uniformed thugs out there killing innocents, many who it turns out are children and babies, that makes you a baby-killer, and because you can’t figure that out, you’re a dumb-ass.

  6. Avatar Marie says:

    Arguing with shombies is for noobs.

  7. noob noob says:

    Yeah, its my too-favorite rule for breaking.

  8. Avatar Gina says:

    this is the limit !!!!
    sooo tasteless…

  9. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Tasteless isn’t a crime, although we’ve been threatened with street-level death penalty for it.

    If there were limits on free speech based on how offensive it is, the entire Madison Ave/Wall Street/Military Industrial Complex would be lined up in front of a belt fed, water cooled machine gun for their commercials… including the incredibly violent video games like “Call of Duty” in all its incarnations, especially the new “Home Front” edition where you get points for murdering Americans in America.

    It started out as a user modification where the modder actually boasted that he got points for burning Homeless People.
    Although he is probably too chickenshit to do it himself, it does foster the mindset that people who are declared “Not Real Americans” should be killed, and, the ones who promote that particular madness know that they can count on some meth-moron like Jared Laughner will do it for them.

    Then they’ll get all upset and say it’s “Blood Libel” to point that fact out to them.

    The same people who wired up that anti-American Terrorist make a whole lot of money peddling Hate in the name of 9/11, they’ve got thousands of Americans killed and a literally uncounted number of citizens of other nations killed, and made a profit off each and every death, starting with the deaths of the people in the Towers.

    You see, unlike a “tasteless” reminder of their guilt in those murders-for-profit, the murders and thefts from which they profit ARE crimes.
    And all they have to do to get away with their continual murder spree is to have morons chant “9/11!” every time their guilt is pointed out.

  10. Avatar Erica says:

    I agree with your gov’t being evil etc. but it still doesn’t excuse how stupid & tasteless the original second life post was. Your point could be 100% right; it still wouldn’t excuse how wrong it was.

    You found what you thought was a funny joke and found a way to display your edgy sense of humour. According to the majority of commentators, you’re advertising irrelevant, gratuitous mockery of the 9/11 victims. All the corpses of innocent babies in the world won’t change the fact that your original post was just plain wrong.

    Now have the balls to admit that you were wrong and take it down, because it’s not convincing anyone other than your fans to convert to your arguments. It’s just convincing people that you are a douche who can’t admit any wrong-doing on his part, much like your gov’t.

  11. Avatar Narl Gems says:

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