Hannibal, Somalia

NMT- US war planes bombed Hollywood again yesterday in an attempt to kill feared criminal mastermind Hannibal Lector. Human Rights advocates point out that Lector’s guilt has never been established in a court of law. Though his heinous crimes are documented in three blockbuster movies, Lector’s culpability is considered alleged until he has received his day in court. Military strikes meant to assassinate persons suspected of crimes are considered by international legal authorities to be extra-judicial executions. Still others insist that Hannibal is a fictional character played by a Sir Anthony Hopkins who has nothing to do with al-Qaeda, crime or masterminding. Spokesmen for the Defense Department first denied the raids but now admit that Hopkins’ Hannibal was not hit but for the uncounted civilians now dead who were in the way.

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  1. Avatar Tony says:

    What takes the cake, is that today’s Colorado Springs Gazette has culled a New York Times analysis titled MODEL MILITARY STRIKE on page A14! Can you imagine this? Here is a bombing that missed its supposed target, killed 100 plus innocent civilians, and these American press whores are calling that a model military strike!

    The local yodels at The Gazette probably think that they are out on a limb, even, because the New York Times is labelled a liberal paper by all the Millions of Right Wing American nut cases out there.

    It’s tough living in a lunatic bin with an American population so full of certified idiots that take this sort of ‘reportage’ seriously. The rest of the world does not, and our country is now totally out of kilter with world opinion. All of us (Leftists and liberals included) will soon face an accounting for going along for the ride with the American imperialists and religious trailer trash in their effort to oil grab. Where are our big protests? We need some like yesterday.

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