Tar sands are not a solution

Canada to the rescue! That has been the message given out by many a Right Wing hyper-pro-capitalist when confronted with diminishing world oil supplies. These eco-crisis deniers are in love with the tar sands of Alberta. See tar sands basics for some basic info

In their minds, the world can just go own expanding production for an eternity, and some nuts even believe that the earth has an endless supply of oil being made in oodles from inside the earth even as we speak. No past vegetation at all is needed in their weird ‘scientific’ belief system mixed with ‘free market’ enthusiasm. But lets peek some at the more sane folk who think that oil can be extracted in large enough amounts form tar sands. Are they right?

Forget the environmental costs. Nobody cares about that anyway, right? But these tar sands today only contribute about 1 million barrels a day in output. That’s not much since the world is increasing consumption and the US alone uses over 20 million barrels a day.

In just 4 years, the price of a barrel of oil has gone from about $25 to $80, and yet large scale removal of oil from tar sands is still nowhere close to being a viable solution. How high would the price of oil have to go before the capitalist world would starvingly go after the oil in tar sands big time?

One thing is for sure, the oil companies will never try to institute conservation in place instead of over consumption. That would not be in line for their idea of what FREEDOM means to them. FREEDOM means making money, not anything else. Even so, there’s just little profit there for them to make off tar sands trapped oil. It’s too costly to produce in much quantity, even if they tore the hell out of Alberta. If you have some figures that appear to show otherwise, I’d like to see them?

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