6 1/2 million face danger of starvation in Afghanistan

It is extremely difficult to find out what the US is doing today to Afghanistan. The press censorship is almost total and there are few reports, but according to the UN itself, 6 1/2 million Afghans continue to suffer from hunger and are in danger of starving.

Let’s face it, the UN itself is to blame, as it is in Afghanistan aiding and abetting the illegal US occupation of that country by US controlled forces. The UN, the US, and NATO have occupied Afghanistan for 6 years now, and did so after the US had used Afghanistan in a proxy war against the former USSR for some many years. This caused civil war among varying ethnic groups, the rise of Islamic fundamentalism into power, and the deaths of at least 2,000,000 people over a period of several decades.

It is high time to get the US, the UN, and NATO out of Afghanistan, and for these government bodies to begin paying billions of dollars in reparations to the people of that country. Micro-dropping out relief under the cover of continued occupation is not what the people of Afghanistan deserve after the many years of bloodshed caused by US foreign policy. Time for the US to get out, and the rebuilding of that country to begin under the control of the Afghans themselves.

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