Teletubby Tinky Winky and Prof Dumbledore are outed!

Telebubby Tinky Winky is outed! And in other breaking news, Professor Dumbledore’s own mentor, JK, has turned on her own creation and revealed his deadly secret. Yes, Professor Dumbeldore likes young male Hogworts!

I smell yet more literature ahead here for inquiring young minds coming from this wealthy writer! But Tinky Winky’s career is probably over, as is Professor Dumbledore’s. Now, can somebody clear up this nastiness about Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson?

3 thoughts on “Teletubby Tinky Winky and Prof Dumbledore are outed!

  1. All of Rowling’s characters are asexual (absent-sexual). How could it matter that one of them leans homosexual in his non-sexuality? How embarrassing that JK Rowling’s Half-baked Earth revolves without human nature except for Dumbledore who’s contrarian identity is compounded by being, according to the author, a pervert.

    Is it cricket, actually, to say you’ve done with a series of novels, then do a speaking tour where you unveil new developments not otherwise suggested by what you’ve written? Can anyone interpret the Harry Potter works now without wondering if Rowling is going to run around telling everyone what she has decided she meant to write?

  2. To be fair, Rowling has never claimed that she made Dumbledore into a ‘pervert’ character ‘ in mind, whatever that means?, nor has she said that she wrote him in as having the hots for young male Hogworts either. All she said was that she had him in mind as being a ‘Gay’ character.

    That might well mean that he is just as lovable as Mr Rogers or Pee Wee Herman or Ted Haggard for all we know. It is all very controversial. I’m waiting to see what Oprah’s club members think about all this, not to mention Barbara Waters?

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