The American dream is irresistible

People ask me if Cuba’s so great, why do Cubans try to flee to America? For the same reason you’re here American Dreamer. Not an entirely informed decision.
Others recognize that to cast off tradition, culture, spirituality, and one’s geographic roots, in many cases extended family and the ancestral home, for the pretext of upward mobility in America, even if successful, is a tragic dead end. America, America, land of black sheep emigres, of the 700lb candy addict consuming Capitalism, dead branches on the family tree.
America the irresistible candy bar

1 thought on “The American dream is irresistible

  1. And your point is….? Is is better to stay in a non nurturing situation for the sake of the family tree and TRADITION or to shake off the things that bind you to the ridgid, stifling environment that smother creativity and growth. It is easy to stay home. It is scary to take that first step to freedom. Sucess is not monetary, it is what makes your heart happy.

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