The big announcement…

Coming soon… All of America and the world wait with bated breath….

The Chimp is gonna tell us all about his new plan to save us, pull our nuts out of the fire and then he will dance nekkid on the Oval Office rug, while singing “I’m a little crackpot, here me shout.”

Ok so I made some of that up… The part about everybody anxiously waiting…

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.

Already have been sent, on their way now, the first installment of the Big Surge. Also they have joyfully reported success in killing 50 militants in the house to house sweep in Baghdad. Although they as usual have declined to name any of them and are still trying to identify the remains of most of them what the hell?

If they don’t know who they were how are they so sure that they were actually militants?

It seems everybody who falls from a Yankee bullet is a militant as soon as the bullet pierces his or her vital organs, and if the militant is being held by his or her mom at the time they get two militants for the price of one.

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