The rally so far…

Converging on Washington DC10s of Thousands in Washington rally. That from the AP feed to Yahoo. They are having a clear warm-ish day in The Big Swamp, as opposed to Here and Denver.
Nothing yet from Denver, the Statehouse rally must be in full swing but there aren’t any reports, which means at least that there aren’t mass arrests going down. Keep up the good work.

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2 Responses to The rally so far…

  1. Avatar Jonah says:

    seems the biggest story, or the one the national media is fixated on, is that Jane Fonda is there. So the freakin’ what, sez I, There are an uncounted number (so far) of Other Americans there as well.

    And for that matter, Jane Fonda happened to be right, the US had never declared war on either the people or the Government of the Democratic Republic of (north) VietNam, and the bombings of North VietNam REALLY WERE war crimes and Terrorism.

  2. Avatar Jonah says:

    the AP reporter feeding this in isn’t the same one who routinely puts in the plug for The Bush Meister.

    The Washington police are saying it was less than the 100,000 hoped for participants. But unofficially, of course, they have gone out of the business of underestimating the strength of the crowd. Officially at least.

    Not that they would anything like inflating or deflating statistics to prove or disprove anybody’s case. No, not them.

    There was an Anti-rally of about 40 people. You know the ones, we like to heckle them at our rallies. Send over coffee and cookies for them, stuff like that.

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