The UN covers for US sponsored Philippine death squads

The UN has been supposedly investigating Philippine death squad activity, but astoundingly came up with the ridiculous conclusion that the government of the Philippines was not behind this constant terrorism against its own people. Not only is Philippine president, Gloria Arroyo behind the organization of these terrorist squads, so is our very own US government, too. See Grieving mother fights to expose army death squads and see who trained these army death squads?

4 thoughts on “The UN covers for US sponsored Philippine death squads

  1. Speaking of US sponsored Death Squads, are the Contras and Bautistas in Ciudad Miami still planning to have their Grave Dancing at the Orange Bowl whenever Dr Fidel goes?

    You know, when Our Phriend, Pastor Phred Phelps, managed to get the law changed to not being allowed to use the Dead as propaganda tools, that was a Federal law, wasn’t it?

  2. Jonah!! You must write Phelps and suggest that his memorial crashers go to Miami and muck up the message. Or better, we should go, as Phelpses!

  3. Hey now there’s an IDEA!! Miami is known as The Sodom of the South….
    I’m sure he could find some way to work his message in to it…

    They got the Orange Bowl booked up solid just waiting… and waiting… and waiting…

    Like a flock of buzzards circling a dying cow…

    My apologies to the vultures.

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