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Another alleged and absolutely fake ‘terror attack’ stopped by US political police – too many now to count!

Here we go again, with yet another fake ‘terror attack’ planned by our own national political police authorities and our own US politicians who OK this sort of buffoonery. But just who is this confused and baffled looking fall guy for our racist US policing forces to ‘nab’? His name is Quazi Mohammad Rezwanual Ahsan Nafis and this is the only news yet in English out of Bangladesh itself that I could find online about the poor guy… See Nafis' family stunned.

What makes this US political police story so absolutely suspect to anybody who is not totally and hopelessly gullible, is that the 21 y/o kid’s choice of target makes no sense. He supposedly was going to blow up a Fed building stocked with gold, but why would a very well to do Bangladesh student come to the US and even know about ‘The Fed’ let alone want to blow up one of the Fed’s buildings?

The Fed is a target of the Right Wing Ron Pauler lovers in the US who hate the institution and want it closed down, but not a likely target for some befuddled foreign Muslim student who is a dunce even within the confines of his own nation (see what the Bangladesh university he attended says about him…) Why would a foreign Muslim man ever come to hyper-focus on The Fed, like some Occupy Movement, street hugging nitwit who loves US based Libertarianism and Ron Paul? There is no reason at all.

These roundups of fake-o individual terrorists are what The State and its repressive apparatus need to justify their own multi billion dollar budgets, so never mind that they are giving out life sentences to particularly hapless young people who just happen to have a dark skin color always. Who cares in the Land of Pasty White Right WInger Meatheads that run the US ‘National Security’ football team? It’s just another foot up some darky’s ass as far as most of them are concerned. They don’t really give a poop about the lives they destroy.

LESSON #1 to all living in any Muslim country? Don’t come to the US unless you are prepared to be framed up and spend the rest of your life in a US prison.

For learning about the FBI’s story line of the ‘plot’-script they set in motion and supposedly stopped, see Terror plotting: bravado or sincerity?

Is the Democratic Party leader, Barack Obama, currently the world’s most prolific terrorist?

Shouldn’t we ask this question? Is the Democratic Party leader, Barack Obama, now the world’s worst and most prolific current terrorist? ***U.S. drone strike kills 9 in Pakistan, officials say.*** We should ask that of the Nobel Peace Committee most especially.

Go back to your country, Terrorist?

US government militarism occupies this woman’s country and kills over a million of its citizens over several decades, and yet it is the Iraqi born woman who is labeled a terrorist by her killer? All decent Americans need to demand Justice for Shaima Al Awadi!
Is this killer of this poor woman perhaps a soldier or vet, too?… because American occupations of other peoples’ countries now fuels this racist violence running rampant throughout the US. See Iraqi mother, Shaima Al Awadi, dies days after being viciously beaten with tire iron.