US is militarizing Canadian society too

Just like the US has drawn Great Britain into its orbit of militarizing world society so to is it doing with our neighbor to the North, Canada. (Hey, I always liked that ‘neighbor to the North’ phrase!)

Here is an interview with prominent Canadian antiwar activist, Steven Staples that sheds some light on the situation UP THERE. It’s a good interview, though I think he takes a much more positive view of how the Peace Movement there is actually doing than it in fact might deserve.

3 thoughts on “US is militarizing Canadian society too

  1. The “Ship of Fools” National Review Crew cruise was there early this morning. Or is it tonight?

    Since The National Review, and especially that distasteful creature who shares my first name, have been extraordinarily harsh in lambasting Canada for not following our “Leader” into Iraq, perhaps they should do one of two things, either a) remain on their ship and huddle behind security for the 6 hour stopover, or b) pray very hard that the Canadians aren’t as crude and uncivilized as they paint them to be.

    Or d) all of the above.
    ]huffpo’s take on it And I hope I did that link right.

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