The War must go on, Dissident Bugs

Police think of dissenters as bugs that must be sprayed on behalf of the moneymakers. That’s what can be seen in Olympia, Washington.

You are a bug if you try to stop the war, even if you are a veteran, too, one might add. Gone are the days when veterans thought that they might be loved unconditionally by The Establishment.

2 thoughts on “The War must go on, Dissident Bugs

  1. Here is video of the Port Militarization Resistance blocking military supply trucks in Olympia, Washington.

    What a difference it makes when young people are involved in antiwar protest. Rachel Corrie who was killed by Israeli troops while blocking a Caterpillar from leveling a Palestinian home in the Occupied Territories came from nearby Evergreen College located just outside of Olympia, too.

    These are some very brave students and other young people out there in that crowd. They are an inspiration to all antiwar activists around the country as they are getting it done at great risk to their own lives! I am not sure that most of us could be so brave as they are?

  2. The Common Dreams site has this article from the Olympia, Washington local paper about a demonstration in support of those arrested by police. Notice the age of these activists!

    Young people are in action against the Iraq War in Olympia, Tacoma, and Seattle. They are the force behind blocking the shipment of armaments to Iraq out of the Washington State ports.

    There are some exciting new forces in the Antiwar Movement today that can help revitalize opposition to The Wars by our government. Like younger people and GIs!

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