The King of Spain is a royal asshole

The international press has been reporting for everybody the spectacle of the King of Spain putting down Hugo Chavez with his comment ‘Why don’t you shut up, Little Boy?’ Why the King of Spain should be attending a summit meeting in Santiago, Chile is never questioned at all though?

Actually, the royal family of Spain is a royal group of royal assholes just like it is with the royal family of England. Can’t somebody chop off their heads please, since this is the 21st century, is it not? There is no need to have kings and queens around any more, not even for ceremonial purposes let alone having them attend summit meetings between countries while opening their big, royally stupid mouths.

It is also interesting to know that it is even against the law in Spain, a supposed democratic country of Europe, to insult the royal family. That being said, the King of Spain is a total asshole for sure. ( I hope they don’t try to put me in prison for 2 years for saying this. There would go my Spanish vacation!)

And they make fun of the laws of Thailand protecting their royal king asshole from cartoons, etc.? The Europeans need to clean up their own royal assholes first, it appears.

5 thoughts on “The King of Spain is a royal asshole

  1. I think it’s also a de facto rule in Venezuela to insult Chavez, who is a bird of the same feather as Busheney. These three may not be royals, but they certainly are assholes.

  2. You lost me there when you claim that Bush, Cheney, and Hugo Chavez supposedly are birds of the same feather? How did you reach that remarkable conclusion, Vigilante?

  3. All of them want 1-party government, their own unitary executive, and their own monopolistic media. Busheney and Chavez hate each other because they are so alike. One is from the right and the other of the left. They’re opposing bookends. But assholes for sure.

    Google Freud’s “narcissism of small differences”.

  4. Chavez is not looking to make Venezuela into a one party state with himself being permanently in rule. And neither is Bush for that matter. Also, Venezuela’s media is much more oppositional than anything the US has. If it was not for the internet, we would be without any source of real info about the real world here in the US.

    If you are unable to see the huge differences between the political performances of a Hugo Chavez versus somebody like George Bush, then you definitely need to examine your ‘libertarian’ reductionist glasses for defects, Vigilante. These two are as different as night and day, and in every way.

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