Troglytes beneath us

Star Trek cloud minder living above Troglytes 
We’ve bred our worker class, Troglytes with no aspiration to look any further than their noses. I saw three gathered at a Starbucks. They’re here.

It was at one of those Starbucks inside a supermarket. They were killing time, standing by the counter, neither consuming anything, nor on the way anywhere it appeared. They kept company with a “Barista” on the clock.

Nothing new I suppose, except I became struck by their passive homogeneity. We are breeding them, this underling class. They’re pudgy, sloppily attired, hands in pockets, quiet, smug, flat footed, close cropped, coming and going from home and TV probably, or another Starbucks. I’ll add too, poor eyesight and terrible complexions but that could just reflect their unassuming, un-charismatic personalities. Their quality of life is their workplace decor, but they miss nothing because we’ve fashioned them with the brains of their parents, fetal alcohol syndrome, pseudo-education, uncritical thinking, squashed expectations, and monosyllabic vocabularies. Give them their pot if they insist on it.

So long as they lower their eyes when we pass, do we care?

7 thoughts on “Troglytes beneath us

  1. Could be, but then, it might have been intentional.

    Troglodytes who aren’t all there might be Troglytes.

    Or simply a Trog, light.

    But now you went and spoilt the stew, now Eric is probably going to edit it for spelling and Keystroke errors and all this will be meaningless.

  2. Dang, I’ve been out-trekked…

    Nothing special though, there’s guys who attend every convention and watch the screenings of all the shows, and actually say the words along with the characters.

    Kind of like Rocky Horror Picture Show only weirder.

  3. Well, I guess many of us are familiar with these kind of words…

    Disassociate the masses from rest, comradery, entertainment, and respect. Fuel them with trivializing characterizations. Portray them as meaningless drones. Manufacture “cheap” consent.

    Belabor the laborers with insults. In other words, whip the slaves.

    What a sad depiction of apathy, indifference, and contempt, but it does explain in part how the counterpart can easily dismiss the populous, advocate the Draft, bombard the environment, and live self-righteously above the masses, ignoring even the most fundamental tenets of mercy, gratitude, and understanding.

    Meet the elitists. They eat their Soylent Green and feel like Popeye, I suppose.

    My eyes are indeed lowered to such passings. Then, they look elsewhere.

  4. Soylent Green is Well, you know the rest…

    I should go tagging with that.

    My dumb luck, and lack of experience, I would probably get busted my first time though.

    I know there’s some people still left who remember it.

    In P.K. Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” the Andies were basically clone people. Not mechanical, but the cloning and accelerated growth chambers made them “inferior”…

    Would there be, for instance, a Bounty on Troglytes who escaped, and tried to better themselves?

    As the author said, Look, if we murder people who have no empathy, and do it coldly and without empathy for their suffering, aren’t we become exactly them?

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