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If you don’t see Merry Christmas in the window, no, you don’t go in that store! The Star of David used to do that trick.

This season's War-On-Christmas email is pushing a holiday ditty whose refrain goes "If you don't see Merry Christmas in the window, then you don't go in that store." Seems like it might be easier to mark those stores with a Star of David on the window, or would that be too obviously Nazi? On the other hand, it is refreshing to see even Dumbfox recognize the imperative of targeting commerce to make your point heard. So, boycotts do work? 29370

You can’t even trust Goobers anymore

By "goobers" I mean Goober Peas. That staple of American Diet in more ways than you can possibly imagine unless you're allergic to them, Once Again being recalled due to bacteria that exist naturally in the digestive tracts of Carnivores. In this case, like the LAST recall, which was only last year, about this time, it's Salmonella. 15039

Starbucks customers know their coffee

Okay this is the obligatory coffee house post. Starbucks is betting its customers can't tell fresh brewed from instant. Choose X or Y -- the two are separated by gender apparently. Results could prove V, their space-age "VIA" instant product improves on Folgers, or W, their customers can't tell good coffee from WORSE. I tried it. 9568

Starbucks simply wants the yuppy monied nerds, and not you

Let's face it, coffee drinkers inside Starbucks reading The Independent instead of The New York Times or The Gazette are just not what Starbucks Management wants. It has nothing to do with a supposed single complaint about The Indy at all, but everything to do with having and keeping a yuppy monied image for their company, or not? Censorship for profit. 2345

Liberals and Labour

The Labour Party of Britain has changed nothing at all from Tony Blair under PM Gordon Brown, just as the Democratic Party has changed nothing 7 years into the Bush presidency. Both still are corporate creations masquerading as popular parties of the common folk. 2182

Don’t eat French Fries

OK, OK! The dittoheads are back to eating French Fries, and we get stuck with the damn Freedom Fries. They taste so damn plastic, too. 1952

Troglytes beneath us

  We've bred our worker class, Troglytes with no aspiration to look any further than their noses. I saw three gathered at a Starbucks. They're here. 1475

Lampwick and the original Lost Boys

Was Lampwick the archetypical dilettante? You know, dapper, cultured, erudite, jaded, amusing, but nihilist? The boys in Pinocchio who cut school to smoke, drink and play pool were turned into donkeys in the Land of Boobies. Sound like a fitting analogy for an effete lounge-oisie? Internet blogs can amuse us with cynical antics, they often feel to me like small plexiglass window-seats looking on protracted personal train wrecks in upholstered stalls.   I got quite preachy a day ago in a local salon maudit, a favorite site I should also say. I'll reprint my lecture here because the question I asked in earnest, albeit tucked inside some name-calling, remains unanswered. 931

A Wii of One’s Own

Video game playing in my household has never been a sedentary activity. I think that my boys, all three of them, came hard-wired with a gene that had lain dormant in human DNA for millions of years, waiting for the Japanese to self actualize. They are video game phenoms. 837

Starbucks vs. the birthplace of coffee

Want an afficionado's tip? The mother of all coffees is Ethiopian Harrar. Literally. The insight is as olfactory as it is scientific. History records that the first coffees were cultivated in Ethiopia/ Abyssinia on the Red Sea. Every current variety of Coffea Arabica is believed to have originated from those plants. Colombian Juan Valdez picks coffee beans introduced to the New World by the Spaniards. Indoneasian javas were planted by the Dutch. Each of those famous varieties were transplanted Arabica. Starbucks wants to transplant the names. 615


What's a coffee-free coffee? Does it say on the bottle it's a "Crappuccino?" What is that? It's not a milk-frapped espresso. Is it a strawberry milkshake? Is it a smoothie? A Yoo-Hoo? A DQ Freeze? Maybe it's Pepto-ccino.   When Starbucks begins to sell burgers like Dairy Queen too, and when their customers begin avoiding Mad Cow foods, Starbucks can sell hamburger buns without the hamburgers [burger-free hamburgers] and call them crapwiches!

Handcrafted aggrandizement

I've always been irked by the Starbucks invented term "Barista." It's the equivalent of Walmart calling their workers "associates." It means nothing except to delude the workers that they are something more than slave-wage, unskilled workers. 175

Starbucks feeds your addiction.

Wanna take it outside?   Starbucks. We strangle the little guy, keep the world price of coffee low, and sell it to you for 100 times more.   Caffein is a drug. In twenty years we're going to get sued just like Philip Morris, in the meantime we're going to make a killing, killing you, hehe. 17