What do you say to a war profiteer?

James Woolsey is not Mr. Green Jeans
“Are you opposed to letting him speak?”
No. (But it’s dangerous to let war-mongers speak unopposed.) Let Woolsey address the CC community about America opting for green energy sources. (Hopefully his motive isn’t for the oil companies to pick up the patents on alternative energy production and sit on them, as they’ve done for solar technology.)

No one’s even calling for Woolsey to be heckled. Let’s just let him know that CC students recognize him for what he is. He was one of the chief advocates for the war in Iraq, the so-called war on terror (WW4 he calls it, “I rather imagine it’s going to be measured, I’m afraid, in decades.”) and now he’s calling for us to attack Iran.

What a treat to see a leading PNAC Neocon face to face! So many things to ask: How long can America expect to hold itself exempt from the World Criminal Court? Why is war profiteering no longer considered illegal? If authorities decided YOU were a threat to national security, would it be alright to torture you?

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