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Religious Discrimination passed off as ‘National Security’

Throughout the US, we have religious discrimination against Muslims by the police being passed off as being a pragmatic application of maintaining ‘National Security’ when it is not. The most recent example of persecution against Muslims being the news coming out about the New York City’s ‘red squad’. Oh excuse me now, since it is now actually called the ‘anti-terrorism squad’ as Muslims are the in-group of people to politically persecute for the cops, they being mainly non WASP in appearance and culture and all. See It emerges that NYPD monitored groups throughout Northeast

Let’s see now? How much terrorism inside the US has been carried out historically by Muslims? And how much terrorism historically in the US has been carried out by Christians. Is the NYPD or federal authorities monitoring those crazy Christians? I rest the case that this is anything other than religious bigotry when the cops across the US profile and harass Muslims. The main terrorist threat inside the US comes from Christians, and not Muslims… and it always has been so.

Diabetic care in America is a total mess

insulin injectionDiabetics skimp on lifesaving care in recession *Note, too, that how diabetes is treated in the US is a key indicator of how the Medical System as a whole is doing since diabetes is now such a common disease of aging. The system as is is actually a total failure as this Denver Post article underlines.
So how’s ‘National Security’ really going with all that money going for soldiers and hardly none of it going to help pay for the American people’s needed medical supplies and treatments?

Pentagon resorts again to The Big Lie

PinocchioAs image-change time arrives this next Tuesday for the US Government, the Pentagon has resorted once again to The Big Lie. The Whopper this time (NO, not the WOMD thing again just yet!) is that the Pentagon says: 61 ex-Guantanamo inmates return to terrorism! Yeah… Don’t laugh.

How many lies will the US government direct its military spokespeople to commit? That POWs are not really POWs is the big one, of course. Per the Pentagon, POWs are called ‘enemy combatants’ that they then say are not subject to the international laws supposedly governing the treatment of prisoners of war. The Pentagon says that it can do anything to them, another BIG LIE. But of course it is not a lie when they say it.

But this latest nonsense from our government and its State Terrorist force is this bit about all these ‘terrorists’ that they so nicely just let go, all now menacing America once again because, I guess?, the Pentagon is just too nice and sweet to the folk? Was that your impression of the US military, that they are the good guys out there being so very responsible and decent? Pure BS, isn’t it?

I know. ‘Our boys’ are just following orders and they are just not to blame for the bad decisions ands so on of their CIC, blah, blah, blah…. Poor GIs! Don’t blame them for the actions of the PR louts that make up this horseshit lying stuff up, or the top war dogs that command them to kill, lame, and otherwise destroy innocent men. They got a job to do, which of course is defending you and I so that we can be free to say the stuff I am saying now and blah, blah, blah… Did I state that position correctly?

So be very careful since Gitmo will be closed down. The TERROR ALERT will most certainly go back up to RED! since 61 of these bad guys are back on their job of causing us ‘mericans misery. I’m scared. So very scared of this! I heard it from The Pentagon. …the Pentagon Pinocchio. So it must not be true!

Pakistan’s security problem

How to get an invading foreign power out of one’s own country? Senior CIA officers were target of Islamabad blast Pakistan has a security problem. Would Americans allow a foreign country to bomb parts of it? Would Americans allow a foreign country’s subversive agents (other than Israel’s, of course) to operate freely inside its hotels? Pakistan has a national security problem and it is us. Simple as that.

El Paso County courthouse safe with L3

New x-ray security screener at county courthouse
The thing of it is, you have to raise your arms in mock surrender as you stand in this thing. You enter, turn to face the officers peering impassively into their flatscreens, themselves several paces away behind a tinted window. Once you have placed your feet according to the painted marks on the floor, you’re told to “put your hands up” which is reminiscent of what poplice used tell criminals toward whom they were aiming their guns.

Signage explains that you are in no danger of x-ray exposure, as you enter the thick transparent cylinder. L3’s Pro-Vision website reasserts the claim. Although you wonder why the security personnel are kept at a distance and behind thick glass.

Do we have any assurance anymore, that posted disclaimers mean anything at all, especially coming from an unprincipled war profiteer like L3 Communications?

Spook Steve Recca wants us to feel safe

Commander Steve Recca, of the new DoD endowed UCCS Center for Homeland Security, told his Shove Chapel audience last night that Homeland Security is about being safe. That means everything to him from keeping his daughter safe at school to keeping the streets safe from excessive snow fall. Does the DHS want a crack at Climate Change?

Recca also explained that Homeland Security is about community. Yes, community: the local community and the global community. Whatever does he think “homeland” refers to? Manitou? Planet Earth? Before Bush and Ashcroft I’m pretty sure “Homeland” had only ever meant Nazi Germany, needing to be kept safe from Fascist-haters like socialists, anarchists, discontents and others who objected to Nazi land grabs. In the Soviet Bloc security would have been about community: the community of neighbors ready to rat on you.

Steve Recca kept Homeland Security affairs out of Greg Mortenson’s presentation until the end. Then, to cap off the questions from the audience, from the darkened anonymity of the public microphone, Recca asked for everyone’s patience while he read an “email from a Marine at an FOB (Forward Operating Base) in Afghanistan.”

In this “email” a soldier explained how protecting one of Mortenson’s schools was the most important goal of his mission, etc, etc.

The inattentive audience may have become too accustomed to visualizing boiler room letter writing sessions assigned to soldiers in the field, or soldiers laid up in VA hospitals with nothing else to do but hand-write form letters dictated to them by military PR specialists. Those Letters to the Editor sent to newspapers across the country, or emails to Dr Greg in this case, may be outsourced to India for all we know. In any case, the Colorado College audience was bored of it.

I’d like to see Recca explain what role propaganda or jingoism plays in Homeland Security.

Commander Steve Recca is a career spook, now pioneering the post-graduate studying of keeping white America safe. I can understand that DHS might require information sharing with the Intelligence Community. Does it have to be part of that community? Is that the “community” Recca was talking about?

Will Homeland Security be training its airport shoe-sniffers to conduct surveillance and torture too? Steve Recca doesn’t bring transportation or border guard experience to his job. His background is entirely about spying.

1983- graduate (with honors) of U.S. Naval Academy
1990- Master of Arts (with distinction) from Naval Postgraduate School
1990 to 1993- tours on USS YORKTOWN, USS TEXAS, USS AMERICA
1993- Staff, Commander Naval Forces Europe (CNE), in London
    Intelligence Watch Officer, Head of the Current Intelligence Branch.
1994- Certificate in International Political Affairs
    from University of Zurich
1995 to 1997- Special Assistant and Speechwriter
    for the Secretary of the Navy
1997 to 1998- Office of the Director of Central Intelligence,
    speech writer, member on Director’s Long-Term Planning Board
1998 to 2001-American Embassy in Oslo, Norway,
    as Assistant Naval Attaché,
    Joint Staff and Office of the Secretary of Defense
2001- Inman Intelligence Chair, Naval Postgraduate School,
    Senior Intelligence Officer and Intelligence Programs Coordinator
2003- Department of Defense Chief Liaison
    to the German Federal Intelligence Service.
2005- United States Northern Command’s Interagency Coordination
    Directorate, policy planning and technology consultant
2007- UCCS Center for Homeland Security

Here is Steve Recca quoted in the August 24, 2007 Colorado Springs Business Journal about a newly formed COLORADO HOMELAND DEFENSE ALLIANCE:

“The whole point behind the alliance is creating partnerships, networking — collaboration with government, military, university and corporations in the aerospace, defense and security industries.”