I pledge allegiance…

One of the most inspirational Colorado events of the last few weeks has been the protest in Boulder by high school students against the mandatory loyalty oath they are supposed to recite daily. I refer to the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’. In response, the local rag Gazette has begun a barrage of letters deriding these outstanding students as being monsters. Oh boo-hoo-hoo…

What an inspiration these kids are! Here, me and my fellow activists have politely gone through this ritual at School Board and City Council meetings while remaining all silent. Never mind that we are not one nation under god with liberty and justice for all and all that other baloney. We have watched the unfolding of the mandatory loyalty oath at each and every government meeting we have attended without saying anything.

Thank goodness that we have kids in America that are trying to call a halt to enforced pledges. We need to take up the cause alongside of them and at the next local Colorado Springs meetings I go to, I will. Thanks to the Boulder students for being our leaders.

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