When laws protect the criminals and not the common people

Somebody has just burglarized your place, they get caught, but then the police walk away with them, laughing about the whole ‘misunderstanding’. It’s even worse than that, since while the judge watches, the burglars ‘apologize’ to you for their crimes and then walk out the courtroom door with the loot!

Hey! Maybe these robbers are actually in with the police, you think. What else can one think, when the burglars admit they’re guilty of the crime, apologize to you, and then say they won’t let it happen again and will take measures to make sure you stay safe in the future! And the judge lets them off the hook for the theft! If you had taken $5 of food unauthorized from your local grocery, you might have gotten locked up for life!

How is it that American has come to coddle its criminals in such a manner? I know of more than a few cases, where after the criminals did bodily harm to some of our neighbors, they got off Scot free! Can you believe that? These folk sustained permanent injuries that they will have to suffer with the rest of their now destroyed lives, and the criminals get to go on about their business, laughing and boasting of what they have done!

It seems that there are now 2 sets of laws; one for the decent common fok, and another set of much cushy regulations for the criminals! Hard working people get the shaft while hardened lifetime criminals drive around with their stolen goods and thuimb their noses at the rest of us. Is this really America?

Look at this case from Washington DC for example. The powers that be practically are giving awards out for these crimes and to these criminals. Where is the concern for the victims here? And one of the criminals actually has the gall to say,

‘And it’s frustrating.’

Damn right it is, you need to be in jail, Pal. What has come to America when criminals like these 2 in DC continue to run loose? Doesn’t anybody care about stopping crime any more? Stop coddling these criminals!

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