Where are they now?

Whatever became of the children of Baghdad

If you do a Google search for images of Iraqi children, you’re led mostly to pro-war sites where war-bloggers are trying to foster the contortion that our soldiers love the children of Iraq. Operation Iraqi Children is a military sponsored project where concerned Americans can donate school supplies to the needy students of Iraq, for use in their newly painted schools.

7 thoughts on “Where are they now?

  1. The truth is, Americans are about the most miserable, miserly, hateful to children group of people in the entire world. War kills children, and Americans continue to support their killers. If you love children, then the mere sight of a uniform is enough to make you ill, whether that of a cop or a soldier. Both groups of uniforms are out there doing their jobs protecting the rich,and not protecting children.

    The rich hate children and the typical America loves and sucks up to the rich. Children have nothing to do with making a profit, and most well-off think the world has too damn many of the little devils around anyway. That’s why they and their world don’t care whether the children of the world live or die, so drop some bombs on them, leave them in squalor, and let them die of easily prevented diseases.

    Like Children? Then help get rid of the Pentagon. The two are not compatible.

  2. Tony! The rich hate children? Puh-leeze. The rich only hate POOR children. Try not to be so inflammatory.

  3. Passolini opened his film of De Sade’s 120 Days of Salo with four well-to-do bureaucrats marrying each other’s young daughters, toasting the occasion before their horrified girls with: “when have the bourgeois ever hesitated to sacrifice their own children?”

    That was the last film Passolini made because he was promptly murdered. It’s conjectured that his killers were his fellow communists themselves because his insult of Italy’s upper class were too extreme even for them.

  4. Marie, it’s obvious that going to church last night with you and Eric has not helped my character any. What would Jesus the Socialist do? LMAO VIVA CHAVEZ! Us commies can twist and distort anything!

  5. Being somewhat pro-capitalist in nature, I’m thinking we could make a mint selling rubber bracelets with WWJTSD? Anyone in?

  6. Can we have a workers collective produce these bracelets where all the decisions are democratically decided by the producers themselves, Marie? Between classes on nonviolence?

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