The corporate press blanks out coverage of the antiwar demonstrations

The coverage of the antiwar demonstrations everywhere has been abysmal. There is a conspiracy of silence by the major press to use silence to try to demoralize us. Antiwar activists now have the majority of population with us, but due to poor organizing, poor strategy, and a feeling of hopelessness amongst many of us, we have failed to adequately engage the public to do much more than support us while remaining inactive.

It appears that the main demonstration in Washiington drew 100,000 plus, but it is impossible to tell yet the actual numbers, since the media has been so uninformative. It also appears that the demonstration in Denver of 1200 to 1500 was one of the largest in the county in a comparable city. Salt Lake City drew 500 to their rally. Thousands came out in Seattle and Portland, with perhaps 5,000 or more in both LA and San Francisco. These are not great turnouts considering that the US government is going to ramp up this war, rather than end it.

Where is the anger? I went ot Znet and this AM, and cannot even find reportagre of these events. Same with a marxist list, same with IndyMedia, same with commondreams, though that site screams out that 1/2 million turned out in the streets of Washington. If that is so, why is this the only site yet saying so? The lack of mainstream coverage with the lack of coverage and participation by our own media is contributing to a hopelessness amongst the general population that any successful fight can be waged.

The anger is building, but yet has not reached a sufficient boiling point. In fact, many amongst our ranks think it wrong to even display anger, since it conflicts with their wrong notions about nonviolence! To them I say, Jesus spoke out, he was not a church mouse like so many of you think it right to be.

I the other great immobilizer amongst us is the idea that electoral activity trumps all other politics. Have you guys and gals ever thought that it is what inactivates protest, instead of making it work? Why do you think that he presidential campaign has begun almost 2 years ahead of the election? It is simply because the media can use this campaign to hypnotize Democrats into a somnolent state of paralysis. They do it ever election period, and the campaigning gets longer and longer. I wouldn’t be surprised that some liberal Democratic party presidential nitwit doesn’t announce that he is a candidate for president in the 2112 race, all to paralyze us with false hope and inactivation for a yet longer time.

Even as I am writing this commentary now, the TV is telling us that the Democrats are planning legislation to stop funding. Hidden message for us from the boobtube, is that action is underway, and no need to do a thing personally to help stop the War. It’s already taken care of! Wrong, and if you buy it you are a fool.

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5 Responses to The corporate press blanks out coverage of the antiwar demonstrations

  1. Avatar Jonah says:

    Hitler and Mussolini controlled the media in their little corners of Hell, in 1944 and 1945. Mussolini was dragged from his Villa along with his Ho du jour (not his wife, one of his mistresses, I think Signora Mussolini finally died of natural causes) beaten to death and hung up on meat-hooks, naked, then paraded throughout the streets of the town. Granted, it wasn’t a very LARGE town, but the message is quite adequate nonetheless.

    Adolf was so scared that the Russians would do that to him that he married his mistress and they committed mutual hara kiri while listening to Tristan Undt Isolde on the phonograph.

    Literally a Hell of a honeymoon.

    It goes in waves, though, Mussolini and Uncle Alfie had both seemingly forgotten the fate of the Bourbon king of France AND the more recent treatment of Tsar Nicolas Romanoff II.

    All the censorship and non-free press ain’t gonna protect them.

  2. Jose Jose says:

    First of all, your movie critics are aweful. You don’t even see the movies you critique! Second, I would like to share actual footage bombings in Iraq….

  3. Paxpouch Paxpouch says:

    We are what we eat or feed. Either way we consume only what we gather or what we stumble into. There is no such warranty of consuming thruth depending only on the media or the spoken word of whoever we interact ideas on a daily basis that just dont make sense to a free thinker. The first is misinterpretation with a purpose and the second is the byproduct of the first one. Fact, they dont offer the panacea of actions that fits us. What realy matters to our general well beings as an ever changing theorem depends on whoever holds power for him to exercise his utopia and not our will. It will only matter to those who excersice knowledge by questioning facts.

  4. Avatar tony says:

    Jose, what is the point you are trying to make by posting the series of flicks you did? What did you get out of them that made you think it worth the trouble to post them here?

    As to my posts regarding current movies, it is true that I usually don’t go out and waste my money on Hollywood trash (like Borat, for example), which is almost uniformly not worth seeing IMO.

    And I just posted about 2 recent films given prizes at the Sundance Festival, because I am very likely to rent them and see them in the near future. They were Quinceanera and Padre Nuestro.

    Is it so ‘awful’ of me to say that they look promising to view as compared to racist drivel from Sasha Cohen (Borat), whose trailers alone were nauseating?

  5. Avatar Jose says:

    Your title changed when I posted my comments. I believe asked for “its time to hear what we have to say”, blaa. Those clips are actual footage of US troops killing Iraqis and correct me wrong, this is the perfect place for this kind of trash.

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