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  1. I thought that you were the woman that earlier stated on this blog that you were not going to be voting for Obama? Constentency doesn’t seem to be your strong point here, Marie? Do you mind sharing with us why you have joined the Obama/ Biden Democratic Party bandwagon? What are you expecting them to deliver to you in their 4 years in office?

  2. I guess I didn’t want to be on the wrong side of history. This victory isn’t simply about Obama the man or his political policies, it represents the beginning of a new era of improved domestic and international relationships, and a fresh outlook and openness to change. All around the world people were unexpectedly overcome by emotion when Barack was pronounced the next president of the United States. His victory was historic and symbolic and inspiring. I’m sorry you are still wallowing in hopelessness and anger because hope is a pretty heady feeling!

  3. It has nothing to do with ‘still wallowing in hopelessness and anger’, but rather in not being as clueless as you are, Marie. If you had actually voted for Obama out of despair at having no seeming choice at the polls other than voting for him versus putting McCain in, that would be a major advance in not being a hopeless KoolAid drinker like you have been all along.

    What is really so sad about you and the other Democratic Party voters of like ilk, is that you folk really are absolutely as bankrupt spiritually as the Republicans you hate are. You are precisely the flip side of the Republican hypocrisy, and the country just got the flip once again from the Business community. Nothing has changed because of that.

    The basic truth that the Democratic Party and Republican Party work together to oppress and stymie democracy around the planet is simply a truth that you are not comfortable with, so you Democrats respond in emotional sound bits every much like the proPalin nitwits do. Change, Hope, Inspiring, Historic (the actual words you used above) are all the Democratic Party equivalent of the drivel about Terrorism, Country First, Family Values, These Colors Don’t Run crap the Republicans dish out in shovel loads. Now we get donkey shit instead of elephant, and all of us are supposed to go into swoon because of that? I think not, and it has nothing to do with my personal personality makeup at all, and you are Shameful (the words that Eric uses when addressing the Palin dittoheads) to resort to that.

    I feel sorry for the people of the Middle East, Latin America, Pakistan, Russia, and Afghanistan for the pain that pro-imperialist ‘Positive Thinkers’ like you will have been responsible for shortly. You being a Democrat voter though, you will be just as stubborn as any Palin mule would ever be in admitting that your vote helps bring about their misery.

    Duh… ‘What does protesting the war have to do with anything?” Nothing to the spiritually and morally bankrupt soul sitting up in the hills.

  4. I think there could be room for a president to outwit his handlers. If he’s listening to the right voices. Democracy Now asked celebrated Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano for his comment on the election of Barack Obama:

    “I’m worried about the repetition of this dangerous, toxic word, “leadership.” I have heard this word said by Obama and also by McCain, and I usually hear it with a dangerous frequency in all the—in almost all the politicians in the United States, and about Latin America, it’s usual to say, “We should recover our leadership in Latin America.” We don’t need any foreign leadership. Let it be. Let reality be as it wants to be, with no ruling state deciding the destiny of other countries. Please, no more. Stop with this tradition of the messianic mission of, you know, saving the world. No, it has been terrible during so many years, even centuries. No. Perhaps this crisis, this present crisis, so strong and terrible, may give something like a violent shower of realism and humility to this new government, who is beginning now—which is beginning now.

    “… I would like that Obama, who has now tremendous, historic opportunity, that he never forgets that he’s now going inside the White House. The White House will be his house in the time coming, but this White House was built by black slaves. And I’d like, I hope, that he never, never forgets this.”

    Of course, the public needs to learn too. On the same program, Ralph Nader quotes Eugene Debs:

    “My greatest regret? My greatest regret is that, under our Constitution, the American people can have almost anything they want, but it just seems like they don’t want much of anything at all.”

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