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Obamanos to the cleaners

Some among the media are already predicting an Obama landslide. You’d almost think they believe their liberal bias. Are you convinced? I’m not.
How can the news outlets, owned by the corporate kleptocracy, be other than GOP double agents? I think their Obamaglee is to lull Dems into overconfidence, but most of all, to alarm White Bread America, that it’s time to defend that voting booth from the colored interloper. Countless times every day, Media Matters of America records misrepresentations of Barack Obama coming from all persuasion of the Fourth Estate. Why, if the media was sympathetic? Why are John McCain and henchwench Palin let to rile up their lynch mob supporters with less than a raised eyebrow? And why are government agencies still colluding to rig the November vote, if a McCain victory is a lost cause?