Aneuploidy and the cause of cancer

Cancer it is turning out, may not be gene mutation. Peter Duesberg, the man who was first to challenge that HIV, (the “probable” cause of AIDS as announced by U.S. Health & Human Services Secretary in April of 1984), was not capable of causing cell or immune destruction, is now challenging the established scientific theory that gene mutation is the cause of cancers. And he may be right. His proposition for chromosomal damage by cell aneuploidy, supports the suspicion that many of us have had and is being established more so in the mainstream …that cancer is caused by combination of poor diet, lethargy, non-nutritional, toxin ridden industrial food manufacturing, fast foods and man made environmental toxins and carcinogens of all sorts.

2 thoughts on “Aneuploidy and the cause of cancer

  1. This is more medical nonsense, from the guy that South African President Thabo Mbeki got his beliefs about HIV from. See Peter Duesberg is no prophet at all, but is now more a crackpot than anything else.

    As to cancer, it is certain that there are multiple factors, like in mental illnesses, that cause us to be susceptible to this disease process, but certainly gene mutation is one of them. JB and his ‘scientist’ miss the boat once again.

    Let’s see??? The Trade Towers were blown up from inside, AIDS, and now Cancer??? Gee…. I can hardly wait for the next fantasy trip you take us on, JB! What tripe! I’m still chuckling with your assertion that cancer is caused by lethargy! lol… Hey, you are even right! …lol…

  2. Yeah, sure… You have taken us to South African President Thabo Mbeki’s guru for this fantasy trip and medical nonsense, JB.

    While there are many factors that cause cancer to break out in some of us, gene mutation caused by radioactive processes is certainly part of the disease.

    Do you have any other weird theories besides that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS, gene mutation has nothing to do with cancer, and that there was demolition gong on inside the World Trade Centers to bring em down, JB?

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