Will.i.am boycotts Olympic boycott

“If you boycott China, when do they boycott America for what we’re doing in Iraq?” Good question, Will.i.am. Another good question by Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas is, Where Is The Love?

Yes, the Black Eyed Peas will perform at The Olympic games this year in China, as they have performed in multiple world venues through the years, including in China before. Good for them! Peas star rejects China boycott

It is about time that ‘Hollywood Stars’ and others begin to reject this racist, American founded anti-China campaign, instead of joining in with it. Certainly there are some real problems with the Chinese government but look in the mirror first, and see the real problems with the US, British, German, and French governments, too. They in no way are the banner holders for Civilization.

Quite the contrary, so don’t parallel government propaganda for war in the West with pretenses at being the greater liberal Saviour’s of humanity. US Tibet activists, you are mainly deluding yourselves that your campaign is ‘humanitarian’. You are nothing more than a section of a multiple front operation by your own government that is pushing a gigantic global war.

6 thoughts on “Will.i.am boycotts Olympic boycott

  1. Yo denk,
    Considering what the red china government did to their own students a few years ago, guess you feel the CIA was behind that too? Your Proof is silly. The way the red china treat the Tibets is proof how they do things. Dude, got to the net & look up ccp folks. CIA isn’t, sadly, in everything. Were that it was, be a much better world. Get rid of those rule by the party folks & really let the people rule, like in the USA.
    your favoright neocon, retired army officer combat vet & Texican

  2. It is Capitalist China and not ‘Red’ China anymore, George. Haven’t you heard?

  3. Yo Tony,
    Now you not to believe that red china BS. Their government is still red but capitalist is a coming. Wonderful news when it happens, huh? Do know there is hope for human kind. You and Me too.

  4. Yo Denk,
    Thanks for the info. Does give one reason to stop & think, huh? Thanks again, I will check it out.

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