Iraq Parasite invades Colorado Springs

My landlady has had a growth under her arms. We thought it was a return of lymphoma, not so.
My landlady just got back from the doctor.
What she thought and feared, that it was a lymphoma, wasn’t.
It’s a microscopic parasite native to the Euphrates river basin.

Most of the people in the region are immune to it, well, duh, they’ve lived there 5000 years and longer.

But it’s been brought back by returning servicemen, they thought for a while that it was confined to the hospitals and the bases but IT’S ENDEMIC IN COLORADO SPRINGS NOW.

Good news is, it’s treatable.

Bad news, the Fucking Army has not told people about it.

“Oh, by the way we’ve brought back a deadly parasite, that kills PEOPLE and we ain’t gonna Tell nobody about it cause we can do shit like that”

The mite burrows into the skin, then finds a lymph node and spreads to the entire body.

Once it invades the lungs, it causes pneumonia, and it’s almost untreatable.

There have been fatalities. The Army isn’t admitting anything, the Federal Government isn’t kicking out any money for treatment of this shit they put on us.

I posted this on a national site.

I’m about to post it on my blog, somebody spread this as far and wide as we possibly can.

5 thoughts on “Iraq Parasite invades Colorado Springs

  1. It carries the bacilli for a staph infection called MRSA.

    They THOUGHT they had it contained.

    Thank you Mr Bush for all your kind and wonderful actions, like keeping this under such tight wraps that none of us found out about it.

    The doctor informed her that there were five other cases at his office THIS WEEK.

  2. Jonah. First good to see you back and filled with spunk!

    As for MRSA, it’s been around, is common. Yet it does have many varients, and those of course, are the tough buggers. British hospitals are rumored to be having quite the go of it, but whether it’s a conspiracy (or urban legend perhaps) that is mostly conjecture being passed to and from blogs.

    One thing is certain MRSA’s ability to mutate has been going on for ages.

    I’m more concerned with the other items our soldiers bring back. Body bags.

  3. There’s too much of that too. And they don’t tell us exact numbers either, because apparently there have been more Blackwater casualties than regular military. And since they’re a subsidiary of Halliburton you know damned well they won’t give a straight answer.

    But yeah, this one they know about. Apparently, the doctors at Ft Carson were aware of the mite and the way it spreads.

    It’s kind of like body lice but as small as chiggers or No-see-ums.

    And, they thought they had it contained. Apparently not.
    This reminds me eerily of the decontamination procedures when I was in, in 79. Chemical agents? Take your clothes off, put them in a plastic bag and have it burned, take a shower. Bingo Bango, decontaminated.

    Radioactive fallout? Have your comrades sweep off the major debris with a whisk broom, take your clothes off, bag them for burning, take a shower, presto magico decontaminated.

    If she hadn’t come straight back from the doctor and told me, I would have said, ok, check before posting.

    The doctor also told her that it was the 6th case this week. And she was his first patient of the morning.

    Since it IS treatable, they should go ahead and make it a public health priority.

    After he lanced the cyst and started draining it and cleaning it, she didn’t hear a word he said. He might or might have named the mite.

    So I have to check on that as well. If I didn’t have experience with the Army Way, I would suspect there would be no way they could or would keep something like this under wraps.

    Unfortunately, that’s how they do everything.

    Oh, yeah, one thing they DID make public… a dead raven found on Pete Field had West Nile Virus. Always nice to find things like this out, when we can.

    Remember, Agent Orange was “just a weed killer”.

    Again with my mantra

    hitting them only makes them dumber
    hitting them only makes them dumber
    hitting them only makes them dumber.

  4. Ok, here’s a link to a page from a laboratory, the doctor here published quite a few related articles, including a couple I suspect are relevant. Next I have to read his articles. One in particular is about the Iraq war.

    Also note that he did his residency at Walter Reed. Meaning he’s an Army doctor.

    Also he names some of the mites. His specialty is Dermatopathology, and apparently parasites and stinging, biting or other disease vectoring insects.

    I have to point out, the mite is just the vector, the real killer here is the staph infections.

    It’s like “Guns don’t kill people – it’s the bullets fired from the guns and lodge in people’s bodies that kill people”.

  5. I think this is the one… the pictures look exactly like the lump under her arm. And the descriptions of the symptoms are the same as well. It’s called Leishmaniasis.

    I’ll check with her later when she’s feeling better. But that’s what it looks and sounds most like, AND, it’s got the Iraq connection.

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