A wondrous mystery

I watched the coverage of the Pope’s final message to the lucky faithful — 60,000 hankie-waving fans in Yankee Stadium — and can only shake my head in disbelief. His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI Am I the only one who doesn’t understand this Pope-worship stuff? It is so weirdly absurd that I hardly know what to make of it. Who are these people driving hundreds of miles to catch a glimpse of him? Those who turn out by the thousands, even without tickets, just to be near him for a few minutes? Looking at the pontiff (just the word makes me laugh) clad from head to toe in white, barely this side of the grass, reminds me so much of the movie Foul Play that the whole thing seems hilarious.

I am pretty sure that no one I know personally would even consider going to great trouble to see the Pope (except my mom, of course), so it makes me wonder what kind of person does. Are they part of other groups that also make me slightly uncomfortable, like NASCAR fans maybe? Or those who drive around the country in silver RVs looking for other people with silver RVs? Maybe I’m just jealous that I wasn’t invited to join the club. I did do a ten-year stint in Catholic schools, after all, and never missed Sunday mass until I went off to college. Even in Boulder I went to St. Thomas Aquinas for a few months, until time spent in the confession booth started interfering with my studies. So why do I not know what they know?

No pithy analysis will be forthcoming. As I said, this is beyond me.

5 thoughts on “A wondrous mystery

  1. Pomp, rituals and hierarchy in a baboon tribe are similar but the smells are more exciting, all these men in starched robes projecting industrial soaps and coarse lavender from the bins of countless nuns, all menstruating together through cut rate napkins purchased at the same religious supply store by the Economic Sister, the one whose real fondness is not the Pope, but that cute novice who still smells like the farm where she was raised, a bouquet of fresh milk and musk. Now that’s true religion!

  2. Who are you, enigmatic Sioux? My finely-honed intuition tells me that you are one of mine.

  3. Ugh Sioux. What runs in your mind – menstruating nuns?
    May be time to see someone, honey. & smells too?
    Time to get outdoor, child & feel the sun – smell the
    flowers and free your mind. or at night & star gaze.
    cute little novice ahhh haaa now your truth shows.
    Oh neg sprit begone old foul aged one. Back to your
    worm infested grave star far far far away & burn.
    most respectfully,
    your favoright neocon & retired combat vet

  4. This pop is talking like satan follower by supporting aliens. We know there is only HOLY CREATOR(GOD) and HIS Angles and human being. The other are satan and his followers since some satans came down Genesis 6 and other were destroyed from heaven when the war broke there and they landed in Oceans, earth mountains so on in Rev 12. Therefore, in this universe there are evils and some ordinary human being.

  5. And, David, in each of our individual Image of God is the struggle between good and evil. I have plumbed the depths of the man-made hells, places where no sane man would willingly go, met people that society has determined to be totally evil, yet have never met one who did not have at least some spark of the Divine.

    Maybe because I deliberately look for it. Sometimes I have to force myself to look for it.

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