Gazette advocates for Iraq withdrawal

LTE- Regarding your editorial IRAQ: NO MORE HOLD AND PRAY, I’m very glad to see your paper finally suggest that “this war should make Americans more skeptical the next time a political leader suggest war.” While your editorial now recommends that US forces get out of Iraq, will the Gazette also advocate for a just withdrawal? In particular that out of care not to abandon the Iraqi people, instead of sticking around to shoot more, we should fund an international force to rebuild their country. America owes a large war reparation to the victims of its illegal war.

If the usual critics now taunt you with accusations you want to “cut and run,” reassure them the US must certainly cut an extraordinarily large check for what it has done. If the American public thinks the war has hurt our economy, wait until we face up to giving restitution to those we’ve harmed. We all understand that what cost 1.2 trillion to destroy, will cost several trillion more to restore. There can be no peace without justice.

By the way, the fiasco in Iraq was predicted by many, before it started. You laud the skepticism now, why not cut the dissident voices a little slack the next time they are trying to prevent wayward and wanton actions?

2 thoughts on “Gazette advocates for Iraq withdrawal

  1. The Gazette is no more against this war than Bush is against torturing POWs. The Gazette is into welfare, and war means welfare for the people they love, the military-industrial complex. The Gazette editorialist’s and owners are the poorest excuse of ‘free market’ and ‘libertarian’ proponents that have ever walked the face of this planet. They love slavery for the poor and welfare for the rich.

  2. Ah, but the Rich are also slaves…

    Slaves to their fear. And, they know, as do we all, their fears are more than justified.

    They’ve spent the entire lifetimes of each of those currently among us, just doing outrage after outrage, pissing off more and more people each time.

    They love to have their mouthpieces mock the term “Reap the whirlwind” but they, and their most effective mouthpieces, live in gated communities, behind walls and armed guards, in an attempt to keep from Reaping It.

    Those armed guards, and their servants they allow in to their Fortified “Green Zones” to do the work they’re unable or unwilling to do for themselves, ummm…

    they’re very firmly within the “Not Incredibly Wealthy” class themselves.

    Not only do they have to bribe poor people to cut their grass and do their dishes and take care of their snot-nosed brats,…

    They have to bribe the poor, or at least Some of the Poor, not to kill them or burn down their castles.

    They’re like frightened little rabbits in their fortified warrens…

    Sleep well, little bunnies, sleep well…

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