Are we, are we, are we there yet, Dad?

‘What a vacation! Yeah, a vacation from reality, Kids! We could take it because we took out those loans though. We’ll pay back the national debt some day, but today let’s just enjoy the road trip, OK? Hey, look out the window! HEY! I thought I saw an al-Qaeda’s member flying by!’

‘Dad, are we there yet? Are we, are we, are we there yet? I’m hungry. I need to go to the bathroom now. Are we there yet?’

‘Now, now. I told you that there would be no clean bathroom in this desert. You’ll just have to wait. Besides, there are no good hamburgers here either. Just falafel, if even that? We’ll be getting into Tehran late this evening though. Just wait!’

‘Oh, Dad!’ You always take us on the most awful vacations. All we wanted to do this summer is go to the mall and shop. Why’d you have to take us here, Dad?’

‘Look! Someday you will appreciate this trip. You will thank me for it, you will. Besides, you will like the fire works display tonight, I am sure. Your mom Hillary and I have wanted to take this vacation for a long time. Now just sit quiet and watch the road. See that body of water way over there? It’s called the Persian Gulf.’

‘Oh. Dad….’ tears come rolling down the kids cheeks. The kids are tired. And then they fell asleep once again, in the back seat of the car. Meanwhile, good ol Dad continues to drive resolutely down the road, headed towards Tehran. This is the trip he had most planned for!

2 thoughts on “Are we, are we, are we there yet, Dad?

  1. Old Bogus, I wrote this thinking of what else to say about the on again, of again, prep for Cheney’s attack on Iran? Sorry my meaning all slipped by past such an alert guy like yuhself, Suh.

    In the future, I must be more clear for the humor impaired.

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