Toxic chimp coming to AFA graduation

Bush tin manI almost can’t be bothered that President Bush will be in the Springs on May 28. He’ll be choppered in from Peterson AFB while activists negotiate with the AFA about where protesters can stand. What’s left to say that could please/surprise/offend anyone? Let the creep come. Let him be applauded by what will have to be the most retarded graduating class of cadets in the history of Christo- fascist military schools. So what?

1 thought on “Toxic chimp coming to AFA graduation

  1. For one thing, just before I came up here, for about 7 straight years this burg was considered the most Conservative Freakishly Right Wing town in America.

    To even have a situation where they’re expecting protests and making plans to “deal with” the protesters would show a major turn of events.

    Maybe they’re afraid the motorcade-up-Academy would be pelted by so many flying roses and there would be such throngs of cheering fans that it would slow His Royal Ass-ness down too much.

    Or perhaps, just maybe, the fever broke, they came to their senses, and realized that even his most Lunatic Fringe fan club members are straining for something, ANYTHING, good to say about him.

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